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  24 February 2010

HAI. So i know this post isn’t really food related but um if i don’t write about it i tend to forget… In case you don’t follow me on twitter i’m getting hitched in 3 days (haha uh crap) and so a hen’s night was organised thanks to my ninja bridesmaids

We were staying at Meriton serviced apartments in World Tower and a bunch of food bloggers arrived in the arvo to make use of the indoor pool

Knowing how the majority of food bloggers prefer to remain anonymous i made everyone buy these ridiculous sunnies bwhahaha edit: and yes i invited the boys along 😀

Black is totes sexy

Dinner was at Blackbird Cafe (122 Sussex St, Sydney) because i wanted a more casual atmosphere and also because of cheap drinks woot! Was forced to wear the sash, tiara and a glow in the dark penis whistle which i managed to hide in majority of photos hoho

Roasted Lamb Cutlets ($32.90) with sweet potato mash and thyme infused garlic sauce. i had actually thought the sauce looked a tad offputting and so i avoided it but tried it on my last cutlet and kicked myself for wasting the awesome sauce tho really it meant i could drown the cutlet and mash in the sauce mmm im all class

Ninja bridesmaids

Heh heh i <3 you guys!

The ES&T crew are gangsta

Food bloggers are freaking awesome

Group shot! Hmm only photo i have with Ninja and yet Rose and half the girls are hiding in this pic haha

And the only pic with food bloggers in sunnies and uni mates from when we went clubbing at pumphouse thanks to Will

And then i vaguely remember going to Mamak and then somehow making it back to the apartment where jelly shots so full of alcohol that they barely solidified were consumed followed by a rather hazy night of drinking and party games haha and the truthfullness that is Lex

My aim to stay up all night to see the sun failed when it started bucketing down with rain. Managed to get exactly 2 hours of sleep before a certain [grr.richard.grr] person started chanting are you awake are awake luckily Billy had whipped up some kaya toast with massive slabs of butter oh baby

After checking out we stumbled over to Macchiato for breakfast. Like my tshirt? Totally how i was feeling

Thanks everyone for the awesome night!

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