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8 March 2010, 02:01

This is Lex. He is awesome. He may not have blogged in three freaking months but he’s got a good excuse: the Time Out Taste Test is next week as one of the events of March into Merivale and for all you people lucky enough to score tix to this event you guys are in for a tasty evening! Lex decided to do a trial run and test his creations on us happy food bloggers

Bak Kut Teh! So normally I have issues with the herbally medicinal smell of this pork rib soup that i don’t go near the stuff. But one look at the fatty porky goodness and om nom nom the contents of the giant pot soon disappears

Pork belly with jumbo seared scallops

But wait what just came outta the oven? I spy crackle!

Pork belly mountain now with pork crackle peak!

Giant pot of creamy celeriac mash

And all washed down with a bottle of red. And a can of Mother. It’s how i roll.

And then it is time for dessert and whenever a food blogger is invited over for a feed they will most likely bring something sweet. Check out these gloriously pink finger buns from Steph! Fluffy rounds of bread topped with sweet icing and a sprinkle of coconut makes for immediate happiness

Karen’s chocolate marquise is a sight to behold! Layers of sponge cake encasing a slab of rich chocolatey mousse so velvety smooth that even tho we are all clutching our stomachs our plates are licked clean

I have a weakness for butterscotch sauce. I also tend to “accidentally” double the recipe just in case there’s not enough. Sticky date pudding has a place close to my heart (right next to cheeseburgers) and because i was a little short in time i made them in a cupcake pan so they’d bake faster. i used this recipe baking for 25 mins instead of the 40.

Why hello there

Thanks again and good luck Lex! Um and get some sleep yeah?



  1. Now that’s what I call pork-a-licious! I love that a feast of such proportions is followed by every excess of dessert you can imagine!

    Good luck Lex!

    Helen    Mar 8, 02:31 AM    #

  2. ROFL at the last pic! Ahh poor thing but whatta fab impromptu dinner! (And what a perfect group of people to ‘test’ on hehe). That celeriac mash was awesome especially with crackling.

    Good luck to Lex!

    Karen    Mar 8, 04:02 AM    #

  3. sensational looking pork crackling and scallops. mmmmmmmmmm :-)

    Simon Food Favourites    Mar 8, 08:23 AM    #

  4. Wow, so much porky goodness! And those desserts look mouth wateringly good! Good luck Lex!

    Betty @ The Hungry Girl    Mar 8, 08:38 AM    #

  5. Oh man that pot of bak kuh teh was the highlight of my weekend. Good luck Lex! And your sticky date puddings were great, I had to eat one even though I was about to explode. You can never have too much butterscotch sauce!

    Steph    Mar 8, 09:51 AM    #

  6. What was there NOT to like at the practice dinner? Everything was top notch. The only thing that would have +1up this meal would have been the addition of bacon somewhere :)

    Haven’t eaten this good outside of a restaurant for a while. Thanks for the stick date pudding. Really enjoyed it! :)

    Simon @ the heart of food    Mar 8, 11:30 AM    #

  7. So this is what I missed out on?! Pork belly and scallops and crackling? Ahhh I’m so disappointed I couldn’t make it! I love that pouring shot of the butterscotch sauce mmm… Good luck to Lex!

    Jacq    Mar 8, 11:36 AM    #

  8. Simon: maybe I should just had a jug of baconnaise for dip lol.

    Thank you guys for making sure there weren’t any leftovers I’d have to eat for the next few days! And probably good thing you made double recipe butterscotch sauce; there wasn’t much left haha

    Desserts were awesome! And yes, I did finish that bottle of wine

    Lex    Mar 8, 12:13 PM    #

  9. Ohhh I am actually going, so I can’t wait!!! Just looks so gorgeous. Love the sweets too, very yummy guys.

    Good luck Lex :)

    Sara    Mar 8, 01:04 PM    #

  10. Wow Suze.. I want to be Lex’s friend ehehe. The food looks incredible.

    Katherine    Mar 8, 01:20 PM    #

  11. Zomg that crackling looks like heaven 0_0!!! and all those desserts aarrrghhhhhhhhh X(

    FFichiban    Mar 8, 07:02 PM    #

  12. omg at the pork crackle!!! and the desserts! droooools

    Nomnomnibblies    Mar 8, 11:09 PM    #

  13. That sticky date pudding is to die for – is that why Lex is laying on the bed like that? hehe… Seriously though – everything looks amazing Suze!

    Trissa    Mar 9, 08:45 PM    #

  14. Ohmygod what is that heavenly looking plate of meltingly good sticky date pudding doing in that table and not in my stomach?!? Hehehe man. Everything here ticks all the right (fatty) spots: pork crackling? Check. Creamy celeriac mash? Check (although it’s a vegetable!). Wine? SUGAR CHECK! Chocolate Marquise? I’ll run away and steal it. STICKY DATE PUDDING? Need I say more?

    Trisha    Mar 10, 10:41 PM    #

  15. Exploding just looking at it.

    Fiona    Mar 11, 09:13 PM    #

  16. helen: lol we tend to go overboard with bringing desserts to a foodbloggers shindig hey?!
    karen: oh definitely the right type of people to test on! hehe um more testing lex?
    simon food favourites: and every bit as tasty!
    betty: piggy the magical animal!
    steph: hehe i think im gonna have to agree on the butterscotch!
    simon: totally! everything was so freaking tasty!
    jacq: tsk tsk hehe next time lex offers to cook drop everything hehe
    lex: dude thanks so much for cooking us an awesome feast! all the best with your comp!
    sara: ahhh so jealous! blog about it!
    katherine: hehehehe lex is everyones friend!
    ffichiban: we missed you! tho the crackling made its way safely to my stomach
    nomnomnibblies: dude crackling was freaking awesome!
    trissa: hehe love butterscotch sauce it makes everything so tasty!
    fiona: but exploding in a good way right?

    — chocolatesuze    Mar 21, 05:31 AM    #

  17. I must have been sleeping or blacked out or something because I missed a whole heap of your blog entries! Sticky date is also one of my weaknesses.. though I don’t think my list of weaknesses really ends anywhere. I just have the ultimate sweet tooth.

    Angie    Mar 24, 09:47 PM    #

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