Malaysia Part 3, 1m giant roti and a night market

  4 May 2010

DUDEEEE it’s a 1 meter roti! This thing is ginormous! And it’s alllll mine! Lol nah i shared it but oh how tempting it would be…

Roti man doing his thing. It’s quite mesmerising watching him start with a small ball of dough and then stretching and pulling and eventually flinging it in the air. When the dough is stretched until it’s paper thin, it’s laid on the grill to cook before being whipped off and rolled into a cone where sugar, condensed milk and or honey gets drizzled on as the roti hardens and um crispifies.

So tall it needs 3 plates to lie down on.

Cone of silence! Well ok not really cos once you start breaking off pieces you won’t be able to stop crunching on the light super crispy roti and licking the river of condensed milk mmm river of sweetness

Kayu Nasi Kandar ftw!

Made it just in time to wander thru the bi-monthly pasar malam (night market) in SS2. Stall upon stall of fresh fruit and veg, meat, spices, snacks, dvds and jewellery

Lok lok truck! Lok lok is kinda like steamboat where you dunk sticks skewered with meats, veg, fishballs etc into boiling water and then dip into chilli, peanut or sweet sauce. But you dont drink the soup and definitely don’t double dunk!

Packets of spices all bagged up and ready to go

i <3 how in Malaysia you see fabulous grand buildings like the KLCC towers

And then drive a bit more and you’ll see countryside with towering mountains

Or see shopping centers with a giant lion

And where free wifi at starbucks makes everyone happy 😀

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