cheesecake + brownie + nutella = awesome

26 May 2010, 00:05

3 more days until Sydney’s biggest food blogger meet-up woot! At my last count we’ve got 74 bloggers coming! Any Sydney food bloggers not get an invite yet please email me!

The sudden chill in the air has made me crave for soul-comforting foods. I was tossing up between baking a super chocolatey brownie or a fabulously rich cheesecake. It was a battle of the titans (heh george!) and then I had a lightbulb moment and decided to combine the two. Awesome. And hey while we’re at it let’s chuck in some Nutella! So dudes I bring to you a cheesecake brownie with Nutella swirls! I used David Lebovitz’s recipe found here

Ingredients. My pic is a bit fail because you need 2 whole eggs plus an extra egg yolk. Oh and the cocoa is not in the pic. And my sugar is in a flour container. And you won’t need that much butter. Um maybe just ignore the pic..

I used Lindt’s new 70% cocoa specialty cooking chocolate. Shiny.

So. Layer your brownie mix. Dollop the cheesecake mixture in blobs all over the place and then dollop blobs of sweet sweet Nutella. Mmm baby. Be sure to put smaller blobs of Nutella than cheesecake but put more blogs so that later when you cut into squares each piece is covered in Nutella.

Grab a skewer or a knife and get swirling!

Pile o happiness!

Gotta have a glass of milk!

And in case you’re not following me on Twitter the awesome Jenius has compiled a list of the Top 100 Australian Food Twitterers found here



  1. Ooh baby, you had me at brownie. And er, chocolate. Oh and nutella! Ummm…….

    Karen | C&C    May 26, 01:01 AM    #

  2. so rich and smooth, yum! cat eyeing the milk.

    — i    May 26, 01:42 AM    #

  3. These look so rich and delicious, a cold glass of milk to have with it would be perfect!

    Maria    May 26, 06:14 AM    #

  4. Ooh look at the swirly chocolately cheesecakey goodness! Bags of flavour right there ;) love it!

    Steph    May 26, 09:51 AM    #

  5. Holy crap those look delicious!


    R.    May 26, 09:57 AM    #

  6. ahh my two favourite spreads, nutella and peanut butter. This sounds like one crazy combination, definitely something I would like to try out.

    linda    May 26, 12:00 PM    #

  7. Suze you’re so scary but awesome

    Minh    May 26, 01:39 PM    #

  8. you should have make it in the brownie pan!!! crispy edgesss…. :P

    billy@a table for two    May 26, 01:49 PM    #

  9. Absolutely perrrfect for this raining weather!

    mademoiselle délicieuse    May 26, 02:21 PM    #

  10. I second Minh, it’s so scary awesome! Aren’t you supposed to cut down on cheese..? LOL

    Yas @    May 26, 02:45 PM    #

  11. Awesomesauce :) Love the outdoor shots too – I want sunny weather again!

    shez    May 26, 02:45 PM    #

  12. here’s a test comment for ya! :)

    bowb    May 26, 02:48 PM    #

  13. This looks freaking awesome!! Love the swirls :D

    Betty @ The Hungry Girl    May 26, 02:55 PM    #

  14. Talk about one hell of a combo, in a brownie no less! All you’d need are some nuts and this would be nigh on perfect in my eyes :)

    Simon @ the heart of food    May 26, 02:55 PM    #

  15. that’s a lot of chocolatey goodness in one hit! Good work making it though.

    mashi    May 26, 03:12 PM    #

  16. They look absolutely sinful. Can’t wait to make them!

    Jennifer    May 26, 03:33 PM    #

  17. Oh, lured back for an afternoon blog squiz by twitter update and now I have a chocolate craving!!
    Nice work on the brownies, plus you and me (and the rest of the world probably) have the same ikea spice jars!

    JT @ areyouhungary    May 26, 03:39 PM    #

  18. So was it me or was the server down for a while? =( Anyways, cheesecake brownies are the best! And love the nutella addition. Mmm chocolately goodness =D Hope I can make it on Sat.

    angie    May 26, 05:19 PM    #

  19. OMG drool, sugar high. :9 ~~~

    This should be on

    mooiness    May 26, 07:02 PM    #

  20. Shame I’m not in Syd. nor will I be in Au at the time!

    Fiona    May 26, 08:13 PM    #

  21. See.. now I know why you’re called Chocolate Suze :D

    I literally did a Homer Simpson drool noise when I read nutella cheesecake brownie.

    Tamz    May 26, 10:18 PM    #

  22. what a delicious brownie! you gathered all the chocolate-based products I love!!!!

    Laetitia    May 27, 12:41 AM    #

  23. Mmmm definitely my type of recipe!! and gotta change that milk to chocolate milk suze!

    FFichiban    May 27, 01:48 AM    #

  24. this is making my stomach rumble, im kinda feeling amazed about the amount of chocolate & goo in this beauty.

    im sooo excited for the meet up this weekend.

    laura    May 27, 11:44 AM    #

  25. Cheesecake, brownies + nutella! How can I not like this :)

    Ellie (Almost Bourdain)    May 27, 12:00 PM    #

  26. Hey suze, so sorry for the late reply. Yes I’m still in HK so I won’t be able to make it to blogger meet up >.< I’ve just rsvped on the invite, but thanks for the invitation

    LL    May 27, 11:32 PM    #

  27. Mmm very nice. I love the addition of the nutella. The TV commercials say its really good for you so therefore your brownies are healthy.

    Mark @ Cafe Campana    May 28, 01:14 AM    #

  28. This is irresistible!

    Cherine    May 28, 04:06 AM    #

  29. I was hungry for savouries but now i’m really wanting something sweet for lunch…

    Suze have you tried the lindt salty peanut butter balls??? so good yet so deadly

    Leona    Jun 7, 02:39 PM    #

  30. Hey Suze, thanks for the mention! :)

    I haven’t touched my blocks of Lindt’s cooking choc yet but this recipe looks fun!

    Jen    Jun 11, 02:31 PM    #

  31. i don’t know how i missed this before — looks so amazing

    justcooknyc    Jun 12, 07:37 AM    #

  32. Oh. My. Word. I could get lost in a bowl of those, face first. No regrets in the morning.

    Cynthia    Sep 7, 09:58 AM    #

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