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  31 May 2010

Hehe another year older and another year to eat deep fried foods! My birthday deal with Noods is that he takes me anywhere to eat anything i want so first up is the most important meal of the day

Breakfast is a deep fried Snickers bar ($8.50) from Nut ‘n’ Fancy (316 Church St, Parramatta) served with vanilla icecream and strawberries. The strawberries are there to make you feel healthy. The rest not so much..

Innards shot! Gooey chocolatey innards with huge chunks of peanuts enveloped in a caramel and nougaty layer and surrounded by a pocket of batter. I found the ratio of the battered part to actual Snickers bar was a bit too much around the edges giving the whole thing a crumpet like spongey texture. But it was tasty. And um sweet. Especially with the dusting of icing sugar. Mmm sugary.

Did a bit of shopping before heading to Lowenbrau (Argyle St, The Rocks) for my free birthday meal of the glorious Schweinshaxn (Oven Roasted Pork Knuckle)

Look at this baby! Golden, fantastic earth shattering crackle encasing super tender porky flesh with a mountain of smooth mashed potato oh yes be still my cholesterol laden heart

Noods cooking mah dinner! Wagyu steak is so much win when cooking at home oh gawd the smell of bbq meat is so freaking awesome! Um no photo because I’d already managed to hack into my steak before remembering to take a pic haha

It’s not a birthday if there isn’t cake and a candle 😀

btw I’ve been having probs with my server and for some reason some people can’t open links or leave comments if it says connection timed out could ya let me know? susan@chocolatesuze.com

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