Chocolatesuze on the Kit Kat Desk Jockey Show

  17 June 2010

Edited: Youtube clips have been uploaded! Scroll down!

So for the past coupla weeks I’ve been staring at this guy all day – meet the Kit Kat Desk Jockey! He works like a machine so you don’t have to! He sits in an office every weekday from 12-4pm and you send in requests for him to do like dance, draw portraits, order pizzas or even learn to speak another language and it’s all broadcast live online here!

Thanks to this competition that I ran last week I was invited to come into the studio and be a part of the Kit Kat Desk Jockey Show to select the finalists for the comp. I didn’t realise I was going to be on the show for so long- the Kit Kat Desk Jockey has never had another human on the show since he started back in May! Noods told me later that he thought I looked a tad terrifed at the beginning bahaha that’s putting it mildly! I’m so used to being the one behind the camera or just taking random candid photos but have never been filmed before lols the lab coats are working on getting my youtube clip uploaded and I’ll embed it at the end of my post when I receive it. edit: IT’S UP! IT’S UP! GO WATCH AND LAUGH AT ME!!!

Meeting the Kit Kat Desk Jockey for the first time was like deja vu. Knowing the names of Sally the mannequin, Wally the water tank and Larry the lamp and feeling like I knew the Kit Kat Desk Jockey even tho we had never met haha

There were seriously just boxes and boxes of Kit Kats everywhere! The whole room just smelled like candy mmm candy

(Pic from Facebook Fan Page). Starting to make some crazy Kit Kat combos.

So this was the first finalist from the comp, Commenter ‘H’ with: “The Earthquake. Take one tortilla, slather with peanut butter and fill with Kit Kats, crispy bacon rashers and a dollop of dulce de leche.” Oh baby. Sweeeet. A lil too sweet perhaps because we used a whole can of dulce haha and yes bacon is a magical animal 😀 heh heh congrats ‘H’! You’ve won a year’s supply of Kit Kats!

The second finalist was Commenter ‘isLa’ with: “kit kat rockyroad slice – bite size bits of kit kats, sprinkles of desiccated coconut, loads of marshmallow, handful of nuts with melted chocolate!” hehe we didn’t have enough melted chocolate but hey you get the idea! Nice idea ‘isLa’ you um don’t win the grand prize but some Kit Kats will be making their way to ya too

This is Sally. Isn’t she hot?

And that’s all folks! It was super fun being on the show even if I don’t think I quite matched the energy level of the Kit Kat Desk Jockey haha we did a Kit Kat eating competition at the end which I uh conveniently do not have any photos of… But I was the winner woot! And yeah the show has been extended for another week and if you’re bored and need a break check him out here weekdays 12-4pm!

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