Christmas in July – Löwenbräu Keller, The Rocks

  14 July 2010

Lowenbrau Keller (Corner of Playfair & Argyle St, The Rocks) is my happy place previously posted about here with outdoor seating that’s perfect for people watching and a cavernous bier hall within. I have a particular fondness for the Mango Weizen- a Franziskaner wheat bier with mango juice that is both refreshing and so very easy to drink 😀

Thanks to Darcie we are gathered here today to take a sneak peek at Lowenbrau’s Christmas in July menu. The night is a little blurry for me as there were several rounds of schnapps. Mmm schnapps. edit: ok it’s 3am and I can’t sleep what’s with the crazy rain? Post may sound a little loopy thanks to my sleep deprived state.

Baskets of golden garlic bread are placed before us, the heady smell of buttery garlic fills the air

And then giant bowls of mushroom soup appear. Seriously dudes I could bathe a small child in that bowl! The soup was so intense (ahem double rainbow!) and tasted like 100 mushrooms had given up their souls to create this uber rich soup and yes creme fraiche makes everything taste more delicious

Table of awesome! Tree stumps are Lowenbrau’s alternative to those wire serving frames and are a cause of much amusement to the girls who can’t help but chortle “I am chopping wood” (Oh Mr Perfect keep on practicing your listening face)


Schnapps! Peach! Sour Apple! Butterscotch! Too many exclamation points! I think there was also a blueberry but I have issues with blueberry flavoured things so I passed on that flavour. But yay schnapps makes everyone jolly and um blurry hoho how awesome is the paddle? That wench is strong aye.

Wine marinated roast beef cheeks is my favourite of the night and sadly the most difficult to photograph because I am a noob. But the beef cheeks! They were so very awesome! Fall apart tender, each meat chunk exploded with beefy, wine-y juices.

Slow roast beef short ribs. Mmm saucy and tasty in all its meaty awesomeness. Roasting is magical. The mash is also magical and is buttery smooth. Like clouds. Of mash.

Venison stew with sautéed mushrooms and servietten knoedel steamed bread dumplings. I can’t recall much about this aside from… liking it… Did I mention there were schnapps?

Braised lamb shanks on mashed potato. Good stuff. Not as mind blowing as the beef ribs but still good stuff.

Franziskaner bier goulash. Giant flavourful carb nubbins atop a sea of meat nubbins in gravy. And while my stomach was nearing the cusp of explodey point, Darcie asks us if we would like a pork knuckle. Each. Uh. Maybe just one to share with the table?

Schweinshaxn- Oven roasted pork knuckle with sauerkraut and mashed potato. Oh baby lookit! That’s one big chunk of pork that is mostly uber crispy skin hiding a tender pork layer oh yes.

There was also salad. Hello colourful vegetable matter.

(Photo from Helen) And then somehow I managed to get pulled on stage to play with the cow bells haha Darcie is also roped in to play the tuba and a chicken dance later we are soon freed

Lisa is nominated and peer pressured into a beer drinking comp skull skull skull!

Little tea cups filled with cinnamon ice cream arrive

Along with a giant platter of Lowenbrau kaiserschmarrn, a splodge of pancakes topped with icing sugar, raisins, toasted almonds and drizzled with syrup.

Stomachs full and with the crazy sounds of Backstreet Boys ringing in our ears we roll out the door. Christmas in July is on at the Lowenbrau all month, with a different selection of traditional dishes served each week.

Chocolatesuze dined a a guest of Löwenbräu Keller and Zing Australia.

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