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16 July 2010, 05:53

Why hello sexy cake! I <3 anything malt - Ovaltines, Milo, Horlicks and most definitely Maltesers and when I saw this Nigella Lawson malteser cake here I knew I had to make it. All dolled up and ready to hit the town this cake may look fabulous but unfortunately the time and amount of stuff I had to wash just did not measure up when trying the final product. I mean, it was tasty and all but I would have liked more of a malt taste and um less washing haha

Ingredients: 150g soft brown sugar
100g caster sugar
3 large eggs
175ml milk
15g unsalted butter
2 tablespoons Horlicks powder (or ovaltine)
175g plain flour
25g cocoa
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

Preheat the oven to 170C Whisk together the caster sugar, brown sugar and eggs until light and frothy.

Heat the milk, butter and Horlicks powder in a small saucepan until the butter has melted and the mixture is hot but not boiling. See the amount of Horlicks there? Yeah I kinda misread the recipe and somehow managed to double the amount haha it was a bit hard to dissolve so much powder but I’m glad I did because the cake didn’t have that much of a malt taste even with the doubling of Horlicks.

Beat the milk mixture into the egg mixture a little at a time.

Sift in the dry ingredients and fold thoroughly. Split mixture into 2 sandwich cake tins and bake for 25 minutes, by which time the cakes should have risen and will spring back when pressed gently. (I found there wasn’t enough mixture for 2 tins and that it didn’t rise too much. Maybe double the recipe if you’re planning a super awesome high cake?)

I made a circle cake but also wanted to play with my heart cake tin

Time for da icing! Sift 250g icing sugar, 1 tsp cocoa, 45g Horlicks and beat with
125g soft unsalted butter until smooth. Add 2 Tbsp boiling water to the mixture if it’s not smooth and spreadable. Cut the cake in half and ice the middle, sandwich them back together and ice all around. If you plan on putting Maltesers on the side of your cake make sure the icing is thick enough so the Maltesers don’t fall off.

Mmm Malteser time! So I thought my cake would look awesome with Maltesers chopped in half but erm watch your fingers when chopping em! Once you’ve chopped a whole bunch of Maltesers go nuts and stick them onto the cake.

So the heart shape was probably not the best idea after I covered the sides with Maltesers halves lol think I went a little overboard…

Woohoo layer upon layer of Maltesers

The Malteser halves go soggy after about a day so try (!) and eat the cake on the same day or decorate it on the day. Not too happy about the recipe I reckon I’d try making a normal chocolate sponge cake and substitute the cocoa powder with Horlicks next time.



  1. So very pretty! Having tried to chop Jaffas in half before, I feel your pain. Making a cake with Horlicks would be awesome. Otherwise I wonder if you could use liquid malt extract which you can sometimes find in supermarkets?

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Jul 16, 06:24 AM    #

  2. I’m not a fan of mess and fiddle!

    Fiona    Jul 16, 08:32 AM    #

  3. Yum!

    Jennifer    Jul 16, 09:15 AM    #

  4. I love the idea of this cake – but I am biased because I love choc AND malt :)

    Lisa    Jul 16, 09:17 AM    #

  5. It looks delicious, but how do you get the maltesers to last till you put them on the cake!! I am craving a malty chocolatey cake now…off in search of some recipes!

    Emily    Jul 16, 10:07 AM    #

  6. I’d be noming on those malteasers way before it reached the cake.

    SK    Jul 16, 10:45 AM    #

  7. It doesn’t look like a heart when you’re done with it

    same as like how your heart doesn’t look like a heart after consuming that cake

    aw yeah

    The Ninja    Jul 16, 11:12 AM    #

  8. That is sooo cute!!!

    Rhonda    Jul 16, 12:14 PM    #

  9. I fear this belongs on “this is why your fat” website, but I know loads of people who would wanna eat this baby!

    Iron Chef Shellie    Jul 16, 12:29 PM    #

  10. that looks super yum! even more so cos I’m a HUGE fan of Maltesers!

    Lianne    Jul 16, 12:32 PM    #

  11. I loveee maltesers and this looks fantastic – i wonder if you can substitute the horlicks for milo…and the icing for condensed mi—-ooh. dangerous thoughts…

    Chris    Jul 16, 12:36 PM    #

  12. Ooh it’s so pretty! I love maltesers, I used to always buy the $2 boxes when there were those charity things at school… one of my teachers asked if she could have one and I said no. LOL.

    Betty @ The Hungry Girl    Jul 16, 04:41 PM    #

  13. I love Horlicks! Wish it wasn’t so expensive per jar =( As expected, I love Maltesers too!

    mademoiselle delicieuse    Jul 16, 05:29 PM    #

  14. I just want to use my mouth and pick off the Malteser halves one by one… before dumping my face into the actual cake.

    I look forward to seeing more Malteser cake experiments from you. If you need any help, I’d be happy to sit there and supervise. I promise I won’t eat all your Maltesers.

    Karen    Jul 16, 06:12 PM    #

  15. I love anything malt too! This looks pretty.

    Karen (missklicious)    Jul 16, 06:45 PM    #

  16. I love maltesers! Definitely trying this cake! I made the Malteser Cake from the CWA cookbook but it was two thumbs down :(

    p.s. love the malteser decorations hun!

    Katie    Jul 16, 07:33 PM    #

  17. What a creative cake! I don’t think I need to “try” to finish the cake in a day, it’d be effortless for me, hehe!

    Emily    Jul 16, 09:33 PM    #

  18. cute idea with malteser halves face out and face in!

    thang @    Jul 16, 09:35 PM    #

  19. Chopping maltesers sounds like hard work, did you get to eat any accidents? The cake looks very impressive though. More please :)

    shaz    Jul 16, 10:36 PM    #

  20. Amazing cake!

    chocolate shavings    Jul 16, 10:53 PM    #

  21. I’ve made this cake a few times for birthdays. I always use a little more malt powder than what’s called for because I love that malty flavor! Love the idea of decorating with the halved malt balls, too bad the heart shape didn’t work out but it still looks cute. :)

    noêlle {simmer down!}    Jul 17, 03:56 AM    #

  22. Beautiful cake!

    Joyce    Jul 17, 09:35 AM    #

  23. Wow, sugar overload! Trust Nigella to come up with a recipe like that :) Seems like a great cake for parties though!

    Steph@littlepotbelly    Jul 17, 11:05 AM    #

  24. Never seen horlicks in cake before interesting!

    julie    Jul 17, 06:06 PM    #

  25. Horlicks in a cake – the perfect snack for just before bed!

    Walter Mason    Jul 17, 06:21 PM    #

  26. I am friggin obsessed with maltesers! My preferred snack when I’m at the cinemas. mmmm. i could eat the whole cake in one sitting!

    Amy @ cookbookmaniac    Jul 17, 08:48 PM    #

  27. That’s not fair.. posting photos like that of cakes and chocolate. I’ll be baking it soon. Did you make a malt milkshake to go with it?

    Tamz    Jul 17, 10:05 PM    #

  28. I love Maltesers! And I would eat your cake in one bite! :D It’s sad that you can’t buy them in the US. But whenever I come back to HK, I eat them all the time :)

    Ron    Jul 18, 01:02 AM    #

  29. YUMMO! I love how you covered the heart shaped cake with maltesers.

    Ellie (Almost Bourdain)    Jul 18, 07:30 PM    #

  30. Looks yummy.

    J Bar    Jul 18, 07:59 PM    #

  31. If I were put in charge of cutting the Maltesers there would be none for the cake, I would eat the all. It looks great.

    Mark @ Cafe Campana    Jul 19, 12:42 AM    #

  32. Shame about having to eat it so quickly to stop the Maltesers going soft!! ;)

    Amanda    Jul 19, 11:02 AM    #

  33. oh gosh, so beautiful

    Laura (Starloz)    Jul 19, 02:39 PM    #

  34. There is no way those maltesers would survive long enough to make it on the icing in my house…

    If you like malty chocolate things, you could try this milk chocolate malt ice-cream from Simon Hopkinson, made with Horlicks instead of sugar. It is insanely good.

    Zoë    Jul 19, 11:28 PM    #

  35. eats maltesers
    lol holding off long enough for them to be popped onto a cake… hmm that itself is a challenge!

    angie    Jul 21, 08:15 PM    #

  36. oh my god. this makes me want to run out and buy a heart shaped tin. this cake is amazing!

    — Jenny    Aug 4, 10:17 AM    #

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