A Feast For the Senses, Food Bloggers' Dinner at Bistro CBD

30 July 2010, 07:29

Edit: CLOSED Last night Merivale turned the tables and put four food bloggers into Bistro CBD’s kitchen to cook a dinner for 70 expectant guests. Billy, Fouad, Karen and Linda took up the challenge to cook one course each and what kind of friends would we be if we didn’t immediately book our places? Our group of 16 hungry food bloggers are bright and early and take our seats at our dinner table. Also a shout out to Sarah & Junior!

Cheers! A glass of sparkling is included in the $60 5 course dinner and we toast to our friends in the kitchen.

First course is a Sashimi of kingfish, avocado, wasabi, lime and soft herbs by Simun Dragicevich, Bistro CBD. Beautifully presented, the paper thin slices of kingfish are topped with dollops of avocado and wasabi puree and the zing of lime awakens my taste buds.

Second course is Shish Barak – a Middle Eastern- style dumpling by Fouad. The deep fried dumpling shatters into crispy flakes as I hungrily attack to get to the meaty lamb innards and dip into the yoghurt sauce.

The lighting is pretty dark at Bistro CBD that the industrious Yas whips out his iPad for an external light source haha

Third course was ‘Pork you!” twice cooked pork belly by Billy. The vivid pink paint stroke is the first thing to catch my eye followed by joyful glee that is crisp pork crackling and wobbly soft pork belly. I would’ve liked more of the apple gel mainly because I think I could’ve eaten a bowlful of the stuff. It was tasty oh yes. Give me moar! Moar!

Between courses we duck over to the pass to spy on the chefs hard at work

Deep in concentration

Fourth course was Braised beef in Pedro Ximenez sherry by Karen and it made me weep with happiness (sometimes when you cook i weep), the beef so tender that it practically fell apart with but a nudge from my fork. It was rich, comforting and Karen, it was SENSUAL I want your babies!

Dessert was ‘This and That’ by Linda, a chocolate brownie base with a super light chocolate mousse centre covered in chocolate ganache and topped with a sprinkling of salt; a scoop of smooth lemon olive oil ice cream on crumble and rhubarb jam and topped off with a brandy tuile. What can I say but awesome! Ice cream recipe please Linda!

Oh look humans!

Congrats dudes! You guys were absolutely fantastic and we can’t wait until your next adventure in the kitchen!



  1. oh my – what a fun evening! That dessert looks divine!

    Lisa (bakebikeblog)    Jul 30, 08:38 AM    #

  2. So jealous of all you guys that got to go =p Mmm I want some pork belly… NOW! =D

    angie    Jul 30, 09:20 AM    #

  3. 8am in the morning, without having had breakfast yet is not a good time to be looking at your blog… I’m so hungreee!

    Fouad’s Shish Barak looks so good and “Pork You!” looks beautiful!

    Ayana    Jul 30, 09:22 AM    #

  4. The guys did great. Kudos to their phenomenal efforts. Sounds like you’re planning on having lots of babies Suze :)

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Jul 30, 10:09 AM    #

  5. That light source is hilarious! Was good to see all the bloggers again. Agreed with Helen, way too many babies :)

    Howard    Jul 30, 10:18 AM    #

  6. Oh look humans! LOL! I love that toasting shot, so atmospheric and looks like you guys had a lot of fun!… with ipad! LOL Thx for coming and support us Suze! Babies…..

    billy@a table for two    Jul 30, 12:07 PM    #

  7. Looks like you guys had lots of fun!

    Fiona    Jul 30, 12:14 PM    #

  8. The food was so, so good! Thanks for organising and rounding us up.

    Always good to have human photos but, um, not sure about all this baby talk!

    mademoiselle délicieuse    Jul 30, 12:17 PM    #

  9. Haha I think they should start promoting the iPad as a lighting tool. It did wonders for my photos towards the end!

    Jacq    Jul 30, 12:19 PM    #

  10. woah, I’m so upset I couldnt go. everything sounds perfect.

    Laura (Starloz)    Jul 30, 12:20 PM    #

  11. It was such an awesome night, and the guys have done amazing job! Really enjoyed the night :) Thanks for organizing for us, Suze!

    hmmm babies…

    Yas @ hungry.digital.elf.    Jul 30, 12:50 PM    #

  12. LOLS we can make chocolate candy babies bahahaha. I wonder if Merivale read your comment card yet? :P

    Aww thanks for the <3 dude!


    Karen    Jul 30, 01:23 PM    #

  13. Love that pink paint stroke. It infuses the plate with colour so easily. How clever to use the iPad as an external light source.

    Jennifer XX

    Jennifer    Jul 30, 02:04 PM    #

  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE bloggers meet ups. Wil be posting about our recent Brissie one soon :)

    Rhubarb Whine    Jul 30, 02:07 PM    #

  15. OH MAIIIIIGAWD ___ Thanks for orgamanizing Suze! Mmm tasty beef cheek babies

    FFichiban    Jul 30, 05:04 PM    #

  16. hey suze thank you so much for the lovely review. I’m so glad you enjoyed your meal. Hahaha I love the “When you cook I weep comment” classic!

    linda    Jul 30, 05:22 PM    #

  17. Looks like a really sweet night out. I’m a little sad I didnt go.

    Mark @ Cafe Campana    Jul 30, 06:26 PM    #

  18. I should have come over and pinched the ipad instead of being a bag food blogger and using my flash – gasp horror!!

    They guys did fantastic!

    Sara @ Belly Rumbles    Jul 30, 09:18 PM    #

  19. I flashed…in my pants

    </highly useful comment>

    the ninja    Jul 31, 12:11 AM    #

  20. it was an excellent dinner! i promise i’ll come in a little less drenched next time, hopefully. mm babies..?

    Sook @ Nommy Nom Nom    Jul 31, 04:09 AM    #

  21. Oh wow, You guys looked like you had a wonderful night. Would have been an exciting experience cooking in a commercial kitchen! Also would have been delicious sitting on the tasting side too!

    Renita    Jul 31, 07:23 PM    #

  22. Wow – what a great idea. I think I feel a bit jealous!
    Food looks great and everyone looks happy – what more could you want?!

    Amanda    Jul 31, 08:21 PM    #

  23. Looks like an awesome feast!

    Karen (missklicious)    Aug 1, 01:07 PM    #

  24. Looks like a fantastic night! Well done to the bloggers turned chefs – the food looks superb! :)

    Ladybird    Aug 1, 05:12 PM    #

  25. I am in agony for missing this dinner! It’s a milestone for foodbloggers! I’m sure there will be a next time, yes?

    Trisha    Aug 3, 09:27 AM    #

  26. Who’s babies do you want? The beef cheek’s?

    Such an exciting event!

    Tina    Aug 3, 08:50 PM    #

  27. awww look at all your bloggers! will you let me infiltrate when i move back to sydney? pleaaaase? Preeeeety please???

    catty    Aug 4, 08:29 PM    #

  28. It was great evening & awesome effort by the food bloggers behind the pass.

    Thanks for organising the troops and dealing with the painful ordeal with the moneys afterwards!

    Simon @ the heart of food    Aug 5, 06:36 PM    #

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