noods and his apple pie

17 August 2010, 00:59

Every time I bake a cake Noods will always ask “does it have apples?” At first I thought he meant he wasn’t going to eat it if there were apples in it so I stayed away from all things apple. Recently he started buying the store bought apple pies and I realised he WANTED an apple pie haha err my bad!

Looks pretty right? The apple filling is freaking awesome but unfortch I was a bit lazy doing the pastry and used store bought shortcrust which was a big no no and a mistake I promise I will never do again! With the apple filling I sortof followed this recipe but used brown sugar. And added maple syrup. And vanilla extract. And a bit of flour to thicken the mixture. Uh. So if you have a favourite pie shortcrust recipe use it and don’t be lazy like me!

Ingredients for apple filling:
8 large Granny Smith apples (I used Pink Lady cos Noods hates Granny Smith)
Juice of 1 lemon
45g unsalted butter
1/3 cup brown sugar
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp ground cloves
1 Tbsp vanilla extract
1 Tbsp maple syrup
1 tsp flour

Preheat oven to 180C. Peel, core and dice the apples

Place the apples, and the rest of the ingredients in a large saucepan and cook, stirring occasionally for 10 minutes or until apples have softened. Set aside to cool.

Press pastry into tart case. Place apple filling in base. The flour should have thickened the juices so it should be ok to pour into the base if it’s still too runny omit the excess juices.

Yes my pastry strips are wonky. I had no idea how to do a lattice until after I shoved it in the oven and asked mr google but apparently you make a cross with 2 strips and then add another strip and weave over and under and repeat with other strips. Bake for 45mins

When the pie has cooled dust with icing sugar. Serve with a dollop of cream. Or ice cream. OR BOTH :D



  1. The Apple Pie looks great. It’s not wonky at all! I think it’s very rustic. I’d pay good money in a restaurant for that because I know it’s handmade. Also, Pampas ain’t that too bad. I sometimes use it at work! :) But it doesn’t behave like the handmade pate sucree. Maybe blindbaking the tart first would help. :)    Aug 17, 04:19 AM    #

  2. Looks like a delicious & generous apple pie – should make up for Noods’ lack of apple pie so far! And happy belated bday to Noods!

    Forager    Aug 17, 08:04 AM    #

  3. That looks like a very nice apple pie. Love the lattice crust! :)

    Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella    Aug 17, 08:50 AM    #

  4. Oh my – looks wonderful! And I bet it made your house smell divine while it was cooking!

    Lisa (bakebikeblog)    Aug 17, 09:48 AM    #

  5. Yum Suze!! I will give your recipe a go

    Also is that your dog?

    — Marj    Aug 17, 10:55 AM    #

  6. I’m slowly teaching Rish to eat things like cooked apple. He likes raw apple… just need to up the sugar and cinnamon!

    Fiona    Aug 17, 10:57 AM    #

  7. holy moley! that looks wonderful. now i want apple pie too, especially the caramelised burnt appley bits. have you tried careme pastry? i hear it’s pretty good. the packaging, at least, is sweeet.

    bowb    Aug 17, 11:04 AM    #

  8. OMG WOMANG – that looks so scrumptious. No, I am not licking my screen. At work. Yes.

    Apples make the world a better place. Noods looks adorbs dude!

    Margaret | fangirlish    Aug 17, 11:08 AM    #

  9. YUM!!! I love anything with apples too!!
    how cute is little puppykins!

    Iron Chef Shellie    Aug 17, 11:08 AM    #

  10. LOL you thought Noods didn’t like apples. The pie looks awesome, great job Suze.

    Sara @ Belly Rumbles    Aug 17, 11:23 AM    #

  11. Awww yum! I love apple pies! The good stuff anyway, hate all the very generic tasting stuff. I reckon it still looks pretty good for a first go =)

    angie    Aug 17, 11:34 AM    #

  12. Hehe, I’m always using store-bought pastry coz I’m lazy! And because there’s not enough bench space around here for rolling pastry.

    And I’m always in awe that Mr Google knows everything!

    mademoiselle delicieuse    Aug 17, 12:14 PM    #

  13. MMMM pieee. Love how chunky your apple pieces are! I’ve never tried the store-bought shortcrust but I <3 the store-bought puff pastry!

    Steph    Aug 17, 12:23 PM    #

  14. Well done Suze – looove the look of it, very cute with the lattice!

    — Lulu    Aug 17, 12:47 PM    #

  15. PIE PIE PIE! I love apple pie and I don’t know why I haven’t got around to making it myself yet but it’s something I need to do asap! happy birthday to noods!

    Jacq    Aug 17, 01:00 PM    #

  16. More marital communication needed it seems

    i like apples

    the ninja    Aug 17, 01:45 PM    #

  17. Bake me anything apple and I’ll love you for life. This is making me dizzy I want it so bad. Right now!!!

    rachel kara    Aug 17, 01:52 PM    #

  18. haha I can’t believe he never just asked you for an apple pie cake! I just watched Cake Boss where they made an apple sponge and topped it with a giant apple tree!

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Aug 17, 03:17 PM    #

  19. Nice pie, happy birthday Noods !

    Obesebaby    Aug 17, 04:15 PM    #

  20. hahah loved this suze – as bad as it is that you didn’t realise he wants apples, shame on noods for never telling you!!! I’m so gonna try this apple recipe + own crusts

    — tammy    Aug 17, 05:47 PM    #

  21. tsk tsk suze for not knowing ur hubby’s love for apple pies for so long!! the apple pie looks awesome. make me wanna have some right now. Happy Birthday Noods :)

    sugarpuffi    Aug 17, 06:03 PM    #

  22. ooooh yum! I’m craving apple pie now, and I have a careme pastry crust in the freezer to make it with :D Are pink lady apples good for cooking with?

    Chris    Aug 17, 06:42 PM    #

  23. Mmm apple pie! Funny how you’ve been depriving Noods of apple pie, when that’s what he actually wanted all along! hehe

    Karen (missklicious)    Aug 17, 09:05 PM    #

  24. Argh I want apple pie now!! But have no apples or pastry or patience :( yours looks great though, well done!

    Katie    Aug 17, 09:46 PM    #

  25. Oh my, I love the chunky apple filling. The pie looks delish and even your pet dog couldn’t resist staring at it! :P

    Emily    Aug 18, 12:59 AM    #

  26. hmmm, caramelly, vanillary, maple syrupy apple pie! Love!

    Moya    Aug 18, 01:16 AM    #

  27. Is that your dog Suze? When did you get a dog?! Pie looks delicious.

    — Arlene    Aug 18, 09:54 AM    #

  28. Haha poor noods had to wait so long for his apple pie! This looks so good! I love all kinds of apple desserts :D

    Betty @ The Hungry Girl    Aug 18, 03:49 PM    #

  29. That pie looks great, if I saw it sitting on a window sill I would run away with it!

    Callum Hann    Aug 18, 08:26 PM    #

  30. Looks awesome Suze – what’s wrong with store bought…??? :P

    Tina    Aug 18, 10:26 PM    #

  31. Awwww belated happy birthday Noods!!!!! Oh and yaknow what… I would’ve used store bought pastry too! I’m lazy like dut! That apple pie looks amazing though might give the recipe a go sometime.

    Trisha    Aug 18, 10:47 PM    #

  32. DECLICIOUSO!!! I love proper apple, apple pie!! BUT I am also very fond of the crumbly topping. Also I’m too lazy to post on all the posts I just caught up with but now I get what the Momofuku thing everyone told me to try was….that is next up on my baking agenda!! xx

    Trish    Aug 19, 09:22 PM    #

  33. I want some. Any crumbs left for me?

    Julie    Aug 19, 11:35 PM    #

  34. How delicious does that look! Absolutely rustic with lots of brown, gooey bits. I want one! I have to make one!

    Sneh    Aug 21, 05:55 PM    #

  35. This looks delicious! I love the way you made the top, usually I see thicker crust stripes, I like the thinner ones.

    AB    Aug 27, 04:44 AM    #

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