Chophouse, Sydney: Suckling Pig

  20 August 2010

I ♥ suckling pig. Seriously so much love. If I was stuck on an island with only 1 animal for a food source it would be the piggy. It’s a magical animal yo! We are a group of pork crazy food bloggers, invited by Chophouse (25 Bligh St, Sydney) to eat, drink and be merry at a Pig and Pinot dinner. The star of the night? An 11.4kg suckling pig to be carved at the table! A new carvery will be opening upstairs in about 2 months time and each night will be featuring either beef, goat, lamb or yes the absolutely delicious suckling pig.

But first we start off with Jamon and Italian buffalo mozzarella, with roasted fennel, spring onion and almonds. It is amazing. The mozzarella is smooth and creamy, instantly turning me into a ball of fuzzy happiness. The balsamic vinegar is sweetly acidic against the paper thin slices of jamon and soon the plate is scraped clean.

Ceviche of Hervey Bay sea scallops, with Mt Lowe truffle, avruga and apple. The scallops are perfect specimens. And I do mean perfect. The truffles are sourced from Oberon just the day before and are delicate in taste. The citrus cured scallops and the julienned apples give this dish a zing leaving my tastebuds buzzing for more.

The smell of roasting piggy has been wafting tantalizingly from the kitchen since we had arrived and finally the moment we had all been waiting for: Executive Chef David Clarke and his 11.4kg suckling pig!

Here piggy piggy piggy! It’s just SO BEAUTIFUL! I could weep! Tears of joy! Adam Heathcote, Operations Manager of Pacific Restaurant Group explains that the organic pig is sourced from the Macleay Valley near Coffs Harbour.

There is a stampede to the piggy and we snap away. Of course this was to be expected with our group of happy piggy lovers lol but soon we are joined by other patrons who are gazing at the piggy in envy

That’s not a knife! This is!

Dave gets to work carving up the piggy. He looks really happy here. I’m happy too.

Soon my precious, soon.

Huge platters piled high with juicy, tender meat and shards of crackling so crisp and delicious that the only sounds to be heard at the table were blissful sighs of happiness. After she had professed her love for the pork cheek earlier in the evening, Helen chortles with glee when the jowl is placed onto her plate. It was So. Freaking. Awesome. Sharing is caring!

The pigs ears, tail and even snout are carved up

To offset our pork overload there were also some sides, the cheesey cauliflower gratin was rich and comforting

Green beans glistening with herbed butter

Wedge salad topped with the oozily perfection of a slow cooked egg

Our starters are paired with a 2008 Ostler Pinot Gris from the Waitaki Valley, New Zealand which is light, fruity and refreshing. The pork is paired with a fabulous 2006 Ostler Pinot Noir from the Waitaki Valley in New Zealand and is very, very easy to drink 😀

Caramelised banana cheesecake with butterscotch and peanut brittle ($8). Beautifully presented, the cheesecake was light, creamy with just the right amount of butterscotch to satisfy my sweet tooth.

XO Henessy Cognac and Berta Grappa Nebbiolo Tre Soli Tre are offered with our desserts and while I actually liked the smell of the Grappa I’m afraid all I could taste when I drank it was burrrrning. Um. Rain check?

But ooh there’s the famous Chophouse chocolate bar with caramelised hazelnuts! There is something so satisfying about hacking away at a block of chocolate with a cleaver…


People start departing so Richard and I gather the paddles with the remaining chocolate. Must. Not. Waste!

As Helen, John and I linger over our tea chatting with Adam and Dave, a chocolate tart with sugared salted macadamias and creme fraiche magically appears. Why hello! I was quite impressed with the tarts buttery base which melts in the mouth and the sugared salted macadamia nuts are so freaking addictive I think I could eat a kilo of the stuff! The smooth chocolatey filling just about pushes me over the edge and into a food coma of bliss and as we stumble out of the restaurant after saying our goodbyes my mind fills with dancing images of suckling pig…

Chocolatesuze dined as a guest of Chophouse

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