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  30 August 2010

OH HAI! How was your weekend dudes? Mine was spent eating as usual though that pic above is from a coupla weeks ago when we were nomming tasty eats in Cabra. The pandan waffle ($1.50) breaks into cute heart shaped pieces for easy sharing and are best eaten piping hot and fresh from the waffle machine.

In case you don’t follow on me on twitter I came across these ceramic tiles at Kmart for a bargain $8 hoho there was also ‘cook’ but really ‘eat’ is much better don’t ya think?

And lastly something not food related but lookit! It’s a Raving Rabbid! When this game first came out on Wii I was so freaking obsessed with this rabbit haha he’s so crazy and once you’ve heard his wacky scream you’ll never forget it! He was $10 from Game and wait wait he makes sounds:

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