Cheeseburger tower

  6 September 2010

This is Richard and Lex they are awesome. Mates who are super easy to talk to (more so, with certain drinkies) and who are up for the challenge to eat anything. After a night on the town after a Ninja’s b’day, the awesome Shez is driving us home when we decide to pop into the local Maccas

So we bought some cheeseburgers… 20 to be exact

And built some cheeseburger towers

Lex wanted a cheeseburger tower with just the innards and bottom bread bun

Richard has opted for a cheeseburger tower with everything

Unfortunately prior eats rendered the boys unable to finish the tower hahaha FAIL! Edit: yes don’t worry they did save their leftover cheeseburgers for the next day!

And here’s my singular burger ‘tower’. I may eat alot of junk but I have the world’s smallest stomach lol

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