Cafe Ish, Surry Hills – Closed

  8 September 2010

(CAFE ISH IS CLOSED, SEE POST ON MILK BAR BY CAFE ISH HERE) We are hungry and the only thing that has motivated us to drive halfway across the city to Cafe Ish (82 Campbell St, Surry Hills) is the prospect of their signature soft shell crab omelette. But first some coffee – a beautifully presented Wattle Maccacino. Ain’t she a beauty?

Simon has chosen the Okonomiyaki ($16.50), a Japanese cabbage pancake with emu prosciutto, organic tasty cheese, davo plaum sauce, wasabi mayo, bonito and seaweed flakes. Have I ever told you how much bonito flakes freaks the crap outta me? I think it’s the swaying and the dancing the flakes make as they shrivel and melt in response to the okonomiyaki’s steam. But it’s such tasty stuff! For the uninitiated it’s like a pancake.. made of vegetable.. A circle of beautiful crispy cabbage-y, sweet and sour-y, mayo-y goodness that is incredibly moreish.

Crab omelette ($23) – crispy soft shell crab with avocado, shallots, garlic, chilli, soy ginger dressing and lime. Billy and I have our hearts set on the famous soft shell crab omellete and it does not disappoint. A golden, eggy layer encasing uber delish fried soft shell crab and nubbins of creamy soft avocado topped with a spicy almost sambal like dressing. Sidenote, the thing is freaking ginormous.

Phuoc has opted for the Bennedict Ish ($23) – Crispy soft shell crab, sauteed spinach, poached egg on toast with sake hollandaise. And it is a fabulous sight to see! A mountain of golden soft shell crab with legs all askew, topped with a beautifully poached egg just waiting to be stabbed.

Josh brings over a bottle of the fabulously pink Mukai Shuzo Ine Mankai red rice sake and there is a short pause as my brain tries to tell me that it’s too early in the morning for alcohol before my hand inches over to the shot glass. Mmm it is smooth and sweet and hee one more for the road!

Oh hello sake why must you be so easy to drink! Also congrats to Cafe Ish for the mention in the Good Food Guide for ‘global gem’! The food and the sake totally rocks my world! And a reminder to fellow food bloggers just a quick ask before taking photos will go a long way with Josh hehe

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