Zaaffran, Darling Harbour: A Food Bloggers Evening

27 September 2010, 03:40

When I received an invite to dine at Zaaffran (10 Darling Drive, Harbourside Centre, Darling Harbour) from Rush Dossa, part-owner of Zaaffran saying “We promise that all the guests will be just food bloggers… We don’t intend to invite ill-mannered, highly coiffed people with too much makeup who think that they are ‘experts in all things stylish and trendy’,” I couldn’t help but laugh because it was obvious that Rush had taken the time to do his research after this event which happened way back in April.

It was refreshing to see a restaurant owner openly embrace food bloggers and be able to put names with faces and their blogs. Rush and business partner and head chef Vikrant Kapoor are delightfully welcoming and are quick to make us feel at ease. After some pre dinner canapes, we were treated to the new 5 course BBQ Banquet ‘F’ ($54.50 per person).

Pappadums and mint dip. I love pappadums! I could totally have eaten that whole basket. And kinda did. But luckily it was magically refilled hehe

A round of pastel coloured lassi’s for the table- mango, strawberry and um salt? Considering I’m not a super big fan of yoghurt I really loved the strawberry lassi which was sweet, creamy and works wonders against the battle of chilli vs mouth

Potato-corn mini patties. Do you like the word moreish? Cos that’s what these babies were. So freaking tasty and moreish, potato nubbins embedded with kernels of delicious corn and covered in a crunchy breaded coating topped with a swirl of mild chili sauce.

Gol guppas, cute spherical shells that came with the novelty factor of seeing how much mung bean & chick pea filling I could stuff in without making the whole thing explode.

Each course came with a basket filled with piping hot naan bread. The fragrant garlic naan is demolished within seconds.

Tandoori king prawns and chicken seekh kebab.

Mushroom naan with truffle butter. I do love my mushrooms and could have eaten the naan bread as a meal on its own though I couldn’t really taste the truffle butter.

The Seasonal fried fish (barramundi) is a crispy delight until I feel the burning begin. Oh the burning! The fires of a thousand suns! It is a dry heat and I alternate mouthfuls of fish with gulps of lassi.

The Baked salmon isn’t quite as spicy despite it’s appearance and I <3 the crispy potato triangles.

A palate cleanser of Mango kulfi is a welcome breather between courses, the ice cream-like dessert is smooth and refreshing.

Eggplant. Um I really can’t remember eating this. Doo di doo…

By the time the platter of Lamb ribs and Lamb seekh kebab came out I was well and truly full.

But dessert is another matter entirely as we all know that when it comes to desserts a second emergency stomach will come to the rescue! A dessert platter arrives bearing Spire of saffron, Cardamom and roasted almonds kulfi, Dome of gulab jamun, Rose kulfi, Brandy glaze and a pyramid of kuih lapis. The spire of kulfi is impressive and is quickly toppled but I am most intrigued with the kuih lapis, a layer cake which is one of my favourites and eat layer by layer.

Mmm delicious carnage.

Chocolatesuze dined as a guest of Zaaffran Darling Harbour.

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  1. UPL would like this!

    — :D    Sep 27, 08:51 AM    #

  2. Hehe I remember eating the eggplant! It was very tasty. As was the mango and rose kulfi, I could have had giant bowls of both of those!

    Steph    Sep 27, 11:22 AM    #

  3. Hehe, love that there was that little bit of research by Rush. Food look just really quite delicious. Gol guppas are on my to try list.

    Sara @ Belly Rumbles    Sep 27, 12:10 PM    #

  4. that rose kulfi was really nice on the dessert :-)

    Simon Food Favourites    Sep 27, 12:19 PM    #

  5. Haha, well-researched and respect for bloggers =)

    mademoiselle delicieuse    Sep 27, 12:24 PM    #

  6. OMG that garlic na’an – WANT SO BAD. Those desserts look so pretty and the salmon.. omnomnom ~ LOL @ Rush Dossa’s sentiments on invite policy!

    Margaret | fangirlish    Sep 27, 01:04 PM    #

  7. Umm how good was that rose kulfi? It was like ice kacang in ice cream form! And zomg that mango one was so good!

    Nothing beats Indian food. I’m especially grateful that these dishes didn’t blow my head off with spiciness. Nom nom.

    Karen | C&C    Sep 27, 02:26 PM    #

  8. That dessert platter looks amazing! I’ve rarely been to an Indian restaurant that offers anything beyond gulab jamun. So this place wins forever.

    Hannah    Sep 27, 03:21 PM    #

  9. Lovely meal! I am currently making a curry and am going to Jimmy’s curry night at Aki’s tomorrow night. Should be a cracker :)

    Matthew (Masterchef)    Sep 27, 05:43 PM    #

  10. That’s a lot of food!! Wow gawking at the gorgeous dessert platter!

    Ellie (Almost Bourdain)    Sep 27, 06:00 PM    #

  11. The gol guppas were great and the potato triangles reminded me of Christmas trees!

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Sep 27, 06:22 PM    #

  12. Oh lovely! :)

    Looks like the dessert has improved substantially since my visit. That’s what dessert should look like!

    Ladybird    Sep 27, 07:28 PM    #

  13. The food looks awesome! Will have to try it out – especially the strawberry lassi and the dessert!

    Karen (missklicious)    Sep 27, 07:40 PM    #

  14. Ha- sounds like you had a fabulous time and I laughed at your description – looks like lots of fun.

    Gastronomy Gal    Sep 28, 11:49 AM    #

  15. Yum! I walk past this place all the time on my way home and will admit to having dismissed it as being darling harbour-touristy. You won me over at the potato-corn mini patties. They look delicious!!


    Amy @ Whisk & Whimsy    Sep 29, 11:10 AM    #

  16. Loved Zaaffran’s perspective on bloggers and the fact that actually bother to do their homework.

    Quite enjoyed that night. The food and hospitality were good.

    Simon @ the heart of food    Oct 1, 05:18 PM    #

  17. Truffled butter at an Indian restaurant?! I have to get my ass there asap!

    Jen    Oct 1, 10:08 PM    #

  18. Thank god for the dessert stomach! I loved the rose kulfi, such a beautiful delicate dessert. It was definitely interesting to see another side of Indian food!

    Lisa    Oct 4, 09:52 PM    #

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