Emma & Hinch's wedding, reception at Doltone House

4 October 2010, 03:46

I ♥ weddings. Funnily enough it’s all Noods’ friends who are all getting hitched and since we were in totally different groups in high school it’s definitely been interesting seeing a group of footie blokes on their (mostly) best behaviour! The wedding of Emma & Hinch was filled with much love and best of all laughs! The bridesmaids wore gorgeous pink flowing dresses and then…

The stunning bride led by her brother

Always love pretty veils!

Congrats guys!

The dinner reception was held at Doltone House (Jones Bay Wharf, 26 – 32 Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont Point) where tables were decorated with silk tablecloths, sparkly candle holders and boxes of heart shaped chocolate. And booze. Lots of it :D


Chicken ballotine with ricotta & sundried tomato on spinach cannellini bean puree. Usually I steer clear of chicken if it’s being mass produced for a large group of people but was pleasantly surprised at how tasty it was! Moist, tender chicken not overpowered by cheese ending with a slight acid note of the tomato. It was so awesome I had to nick some off Noods’ and Tim’s plates.

My alternate serving was White scallop ravioloni in tarragon butter with roasted tomato and crispy leek which was tasty but had me wishing that the butter was a sage burnt butter sauce… I totes need to make a pot of burnt butter sauce right now mmm butter.

Ooh humans! Me, Leah, Rach

Speeches were had, a particularly memorable curse-free speech by Yad who is known to swear like a pirate and then time for mains! John dory with rocket gnocchi, asparagus, lemon cream & parsnip chips. The fish was cooked perfectly and flaked easily with the touch of a fork. But ah how I wished the skin was crispy altho the scattering of parsnip chips made up for lack of skin crunch.

Slow roast rosemary and garlic lamb rump on kumara puree & sauteed baby root vegetables. If there’s one thing that will make me drool is sweet potato. Give me a whole plate of sweet potato and I’ll be happy. Especially if it’s as awesome as this was! Smooth and sweet the kumara puree was just freaking awesome.

Cake cutting time! The loft venue is pretty awesome, the upstairs is the dining area and the guests stand at the balcony looking down as the bride and groom cut their cake giving everyone a perfect view.

Followed by their slow dance where the magic of dry ice produces a beautiful swirly backdrop.

And the best part of a meal is always dessert especially when it’s Warm chocolate fondant with double cream, candied chili and poached tangelo. The most delicious fondant I’ve had in ages! Gooey, molten innards, the fondant was the perfect balance of sweet and rich and the plate is soon scraped clean.

The Pistachio pannacotta with chambord, strawberries and white chocolate tuile was interesting but I couldn’t taste any chambord, my most fav drinkie. The cloud of pashmak was a nice touch and I had to fight for the tuile before Tim the chocoholic stole it haha

Hee mini cups of coffee!

Mmm whole plate of petit fours! Mini apple crumble tarts, lemon meringue tarts and cheese cake slices galore!

This is Tim. He likes his chocolate.

New york new york can-can send off to the bride and groom. Emma and Hinch, congratulations and wishing you much love and happiness! May you celebrate every day together the way you have celebrated today!

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  1. Oh, I <3 weddings too! So much fun and laughing and food AND a reason to dress up.

    mademoiselle délicieuse    Oct 4, 11:12 AM    #

  2. I love weddings too but unfortunately I don’t get to go to many because all my friends aren’t at the age to get married yet. Karen and I want another food blogger’s wedding! Anyone??

    Looks like a lovely wedding and the desserts look yum!

    Phuoc'n Delicious    Oct 4, 11:58 AM    #

  3. Yay for weddings! But awww, no cake shot?

    LOL why weren’t you down there doing the can-can? :P

    Karen | C&C    Oct 4, 12:28 PM    #

  4. Aww how beautiful. I’m a total sucker for weddings heheeh! All that love, romance, joy, happiness…makes me all gooey inside hahaha!
    Food can be such a hit or miss when it comes to weddings, glad this one was a hit though! Congrats to the happy couple

    Brenda    Oct 4, 12:44 PM    #

  5. I love the dry ice all swirly while dancing. Looks like everyone had a fantastic time.

    Sara @ Belly Rumbles    Oct 4, 01:29 PM    #

  6. i’m def stealing that can-can send off idea…and love the mini coffee

    — carmen    Oct 4, 02:52 PM    #

  7. The bridesmaids all look great in the dresses!

    Fiona    Oct 4, 03:15 PM    #

  8. Oh I heart weddings. All of my friends are either already hitched or don’t intend to get hitched (gen X-ers!!). I’ll live vicariously through your posts. Congrats to the happy couple.

    shaz    Oct 4, 04:23 PM    #

  9. Such a beautiful wedding. I love the foyer!

    Ellie (Almost Bourdain)    Oct 4, 06:21 PM    #

  10. Love the dry ice effect. Looks like they dancing in the eye of a storm.

    What, no fondant goo shot? :( Looks awesome all the same.

    Simon @ the heart of food    Oct 4, 07:06 PM    #

  11. Chambord is also my most favourite drinkie and I was so excited about that panna cotta.. until you said you couldn’t taste no chambord in it :( Well, we should now go make one with LOTS of chambord in it :)

    catty    Oct 4, 09:40 PM    #

  12. Oh my – how wonderful! Everything looks fantastic!!!

    Lisa (bakebikeblog)    Oct 5, 08:05 AM    #

  13. Oh how I’m a sucker for looking at wedding photos!!

    Iron Chef Shellie    Oct 5, 07:39 PM    #

  14. Oooh, always wondered what Doltone House looked like after stumbling into it trying to look for Cafe Morso one morning.. didn’t realise it was a loft! Pretty!

    Chambord.. mmm.

    Steph    Oct 13, 05:29 PM    #

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