Sydney Food Bloggers' Mad Hatter Spring Picnic

  11 October 2010

Humans! Saturday was the Sydney (and Melb) Food Bloggers’ Mad Hatter Spring Picnic at Centennial Park and those of us who lurk behind our blog personas got the chance to meet other food bloggers in da flesh thanks to organisers Billy, Karen and Nuffnang. Short post from me cos I’m sure there’ll be heaps of posts from everyone so here, look at all the humans! We are real!

Minh, Jacq, Betty, Steph and me looking like a hobo and rugging up against the cold thanks to my sickness lol if anyone talked to me that day I do apologise but the cold meds were playing havoc on my brain!

Demos rocking Gianna’s fruity concoction

Bunny ears and super fluffy tail galore with Rita and The Ninja

Phuoc with her incredibly delicious caramel hat

Ok so I super failed in taking pics of food so this pic is from Anita who won a brand spanking new Kitchen Aid with these tasty thai fish cakes that seriously were so freaking moreish! Also, best thank you dance ever Anita!

Photo stolen from Julie who won best savoury dish with these super tasty Momofuku pork buns that she made from scratch and so very thoughtfully included crispy pork crackling in amongst the juicy porky pieces

Anna’s beautiful cake complete with all the tools for a food blogger

YARMY cookie monster Richard nom nom nom

Stephanie, Betty, Vivian, Ayana, me

Mmm foods. Thanks to my awesome sick taste buds I didn’t eat much but much ♥ to Helen’s bacon dulce de leche caramels and Minh’s cheesey broccoli muffins

Betty, me and Eugene

But what’s this? A pinata, Billy? Time to let out some rage and hit a defenceless cardboard pinata woot!

Naww pinata candy innards!

Whatcha lookin at? Thanks again Billy, Karen and Sarah for organising! Hope to see all the food bloggers in real life again soon!

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