Signorelli Gastronomia, Pyrmont

  26 November 2010

There’s nothing I love more than celebrating friend’s birthdays and when there is a giant porchetta in store you just know you’re in for deliciousness. Helen had booked 6 weeks in advance for a porchetta feast for her b’day and when there is promise of pig, food bloggers go a lil nuts and words like porktastic and porkalicious gets bandied about. I like the word bandied. It sounds like candied.

But first, the night begins with drinks. Happy hour at Bartino’s (9 Union St, Pyrmont) meant a round of Sangrias, vodka & cranberry’s and the famed cachaça, an alcoholic beverage so potent it knocks out our normally alcohol tolerant Minh who cackles about a creature called the sharktopus. Long story.

We manage to stumble over to Signorelli Gastronomia (Accenture building – ground floor Trouton Place, 48 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont) ready for our piggy feast ($55 p.p for pig & veg) where we are greeted by Betty, Ellie, Howard, Linda and Qing, John, Lex, Rita, Sara, Shez, Simon, Yas and spoonfuls of seared tuna with orange.

Wooden platters bearing paper thin slices of Wagyu bresaola and Capocollo make the rounds

Uber fragrant garlic pizza

Prosciutto di Parma pizza

Margherita Pizza covered in molten cheese

But we are all waiting for the porchetta and when it is proudly brought to us we erupt with cheers. Oh Trevor (yes they named him for us) you are looking so mighty fine.

Faster faster! The 9.5kg piggy had been deboned of its ribcage, stuffed full of pork neck, garlic, pepper and herbs before being rolled up again and roasted. Trevor was taken to the counter at the front of the room about 2m away and the porky goodness was soon divided into 3 platters.

Table shot! There was also mixed leaf salad and brussel sprouts for some ahem, healthiness…

The head, trotters and snout make it’s way around the table and it’s not long before all the crackling is stolen and stomachs clutched in defeat tho luckily we are given boxes to takeaway our precious meat.

The staff surprise Helen with a complimentary dessert and it doesn’t take much urging to get us all to burst into a rowdy happy birthday before all cameras are pointed at her ahahaha her turn to be in front of the camera but lol i haz to blur her face or she’ll hurt me 😛

Some of us depart into the night while the rest of us wander down the wharf where I set up Helen’s ‘cake’ hee it’s a Very Hungry Caterpillar! I first saw this done on Coco Cake Cupcakes and wanted to give it a try since I knew Helen had a soft spot for this character. The cupcakes were vanilla with green tea buttercream frosting, green tinted coconut for the caterpillar’s fur, the head is a mini vanilla cake covered in fondant and the legs and antennae were cut from licorice and skewered with toothpicks. I had to use a black foam board cos the art shop ran outta white boards so the legs don’t stand out as much boo

Strike a pose!

Cheers! Happy birthday Helen hope you had an awesome day!

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