Rise Restaurant, Darlinghurst – Sayonara dudes!

  6 December 2010

OH HAI! Well, make that bai to Chef Hideki Okazaki who is sadly leaving Rise Restaurant (23 Craigend St, Darlinghurst) to spend some time with the new addition to his family. It was our 10th visit to Rise, previous visits blogged here, here, here, here, here, here, and aw crap first 2 posts & 7th post have been eaten by the archive monster. The Sayonara Menu was 6 courses and $48 p.p.

Steamed pork belly, cauliflower, sugar snap, rocket salad with “chuka” vinaigrette. The tenderest pork evah! I’m pretty sure tenderest is a word. /runs to google. Yes yes it is. The pork was pretty damn juicy and I loved the presentation of the halved sugar snaps tho I wasn’t a fan of the bean sprouts hiding in the middle hmm I haz texture issues!

Potato soup with tofu & scallop tempura. There was complete silence at our table for the soup was delicious in oh so many ways. Creamy, soothing and tasting like the potatoes had happily given up their souls to create such a dreamy smooth soup, I could easily have drunk a litre of the stuff. The scallop tempura was a light and crispy nugget floating above the soup thanks to the hidden cube of tofu lurking in the depths like the Loch Ness Monster. Or an iceberg.

Sashimi– kingfish, ocean trout and one giant monster oyster. I would like to say things like, fresh! Tastes like the ocean! Or, so fresh it could swim off the plate! But it kinda sounds redundant when Rise always has the absolute best produce sourced.

Tasting platter – Soy milk flan with “shiitake” sauce; Rice paper rolls of cured salmon, omelette & gochujang mayo; Fish cake and green papaya. (Platter in the photo above was for 2 people). My fav from the platter was the flan which was like an uber smooth chawanmushi topped with the goodness of mushrooms. The rice paper rolls were um tasty but was totally outshone by the fish cake nubbin which was fragrant with basil and just enough chili to be zingy but not spicy.

Soba salad with chunyang chilli prawn. Ginormous deep fried prawn = happiness in mah belly

Chicken confit, bamboo shoot, button mushroom and “zahsai” sauce. Look at the skin look at the skin! Oh yes crispy perfection is staring right at you! And under that crispy deliciousness was chicken so juicy it was like it was weeping tears of juicy happiness. (Do I sound delirious? 4am awesomeness at its best hi jacq!)

Panna cotta with a layer of pomegranate & amareto jelly topped with a cumquat, amareto & milk granita. Unfortunately I haz issues with almond essence flavourings but luckily the boy loved it and hoovered up my dessert in no time.

But then Chef Hideki came out for a chat and brought us MORE DESSERT! Woot I love surprise desserts! They were green tea and rockmelon sponge cake rolls filled with a frozen yoghurt mixture studded with fruit mmm luckily by then everyone was full and thanks to my emergency dessert stomach I had the bowl to myself hahaha

Farewell Hideki! All the best with your family and hope to see you soon!

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