Bavarian Bier Cafe, Sydney

  10 December 2010

Edit: CLOSED OH HAI! Mmm mango bier how I ♥ thee… We are gathered here today to partake in the deliciousness that is Bavarian food at the Bavarian Bier Cafe (16 O’Connell Street, Sydney) thanks to the lovely Kate from Zing.

Would you like some butter with your pretzels ($3.50)? I jest I jest! The butter was shared with the other basket of pretzels lol but there’s nothing quite like fresh pretzels warm from the oven and studded with salt crystals.

The Salt and Pepper Squid with garlic, lime aioli (small $19.50/large $21.50) are a little heavy handed on the salt but are uber tender with the perfect ratio of batter to squid.

Forest Mushrooms and Sauteed Garlic Flammenbrot ($16.50). Mushrooms of the forest yo! Doesn’t that give you such great imagery? I’m totes imagining a whole bunch of super gnarled trees with branches stretching for the skies and sunlight filtering thru the leaves as they sway in the wind and pockets of mushrooms clustered together, almost as if they’re sharing mushroom body heat.. Oh yes it’s another 4am post wheeee! But the flammenbrot was delicious! Like a super thin pizza and covered in the lives of garlicy mushroom slices and topped with stretchy cheese.

Snap attack!

Crackling roast pork belly ($28.50). The meat is so tender and MOIST that it doesn’t really need the Granny Smith apple compote but is delicious nevertheless. I could totes eat the apple compote by the spoonful from whence it came.

Karen has ordered the Bavarian tasting platter ($27) which comes with pork belly, sausages and schnitzel and is such an impressive sight that I’m immediately overcome with food envy. Cos hot damn a tasting platter to try the restaurant’s specialties is gold.

Lisa’s Swiss Chicken Schnitzel topped with Swiss cheese and double smoked leg ham is a beast and try as she might she is unable to finish it. We help her out by stealing the fried to perfection fries. Seriously golden carb perfection with every bite!

Oohs and aahs fill the air as Helen’s massive Slow roasted pork knuckle ($37) arrives. Ain’t she a beauty! “It has a skirt of crackling!” she cackles. The word ‘resplendent’ comes to mind. Resplendent in crackling? Resplendent in beauty? Have I now made the word resplendent, redundant? Moving along. Luckily after having trouble deciding what to order we had agreed to share the knuckle and the pork belly between us which meant I had more access to crackling woot! The meat wasn’t as juicy as the pork belly but the crackling was fan freaking awesome and kicked the pork belly’s crackling to the kerb. Well not the kerb cos I still ate it. Mmm crackling you will not be wasted!

I interrupt the pork forecast with this photo of hanging bier steins.

But a dinner ain’t complete without some dessert and even tho we are stuffed we find our emergency dessert stomach and power thru. First up is a classic lemon tart with double cream ($11.50) which is zingy and just the right amount of sourness and sweetness ratio to counter the richness of all the pork that had been consumed.

Walnut and Date Pudding ($11.50) was served with honey ice cream. The honey ice cream was the best! Sweet, with just a hint of floral, the ice cream was quickly devoured by us, leaving no traces it even existed.

Chocolate Delice with summer berries and toasted almond ice cream ($11.50). Unfortunately I haz issues with anything almond essence flavoured so I stayed far away from this dessert tho I managed to swipe a spoonful or two from the side that didn’t touch the ice cream and it was uber rich and chocolatey.

The Apple strudel with vanilla anglaise (11.50) looked like one hefty creature but was surprisingly light, the apples subtly flavoured with the joys that is cinnamon and enveloped in pastry that was buttery and flaky.

A platter of cheeses served with red wine apple compote and lavosh ($19.50) comes towards us and while at first we chortle at glee at the jenga formation of the cheese we can barely make a dent in it as our food coma has well and truly set in.

But there’s always room for a schnapps or two 😛

Chocolatesuze dined as a guest at Bavarian Bier Cafe with thanks to Zing

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