Tactical bacon in a can

  15 December 2010

So a while ago, the very awesome Yas gave me a bag filled with goodies for my b’day. Yes my b’day was a while ago I know but it was only this week that I was having a crazy case of the munchies and wanted something savoury and could only find chocolate and more chocolate in the house which meant… TIME TO CRACK OPEN THE CAN OF BACON! edit: i haz yet to try the bacon beans but zomg the bacon mints are pretty gross ahahahaha minty but with an aftertaste of smoky bacon!

Instructions for can of bacon: Open can, receive bacon! Aye aye captain! Instructions that everyone can follow!

When I opening the lid I was not prepared to see white stuff on the top and nearly freaked out till I realised it was just the paper the bacon was wrapped in haha also, the smell of bacon is quite disconcerting as I automatically associate bacon with the sounds of oil splattering so woot no mess to clean! And somehow they managed to fit 54 slices of bacon in there.

AHAHA roll of bacon in the shape of da can! Dare I eat? All sources say it’s totally safe and blessed with the magic of preservatives to last over 10 years in the can though you gotta refrigerate the bacon after opening.

Unfurling the wad of paper to reveal strips of almost neon pink bacon. See that white stuff in the middle? THAT‘S SALT BABY YEAH. So how was it? Did it taste like bacon? Well yes. Smokey bacon. Obviously not crispy bacon. But bacon that’s been so overloaded in salt my tastebuds were immediately crying out for some sort of beverage. The back of the can said serving size was 3 slices but it was so salty that I could only make it thru 1 slice lol but it was definitely interesting to taste and I guess if I was hiding out from the inevitable zombie apocalypse I would take along the can of bacon to even out my tuna rations.

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