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  22 December 2010

3 more days to xmas wheeeee! Knowing how hectic the leadup to Xmas was gonna be, Richard organised a group of us to get some quality beach time in a coupla weeks ago. We headed to Bondi beach bright and early and in need of something to eat I made the executive decision to get a deep fried mars bar. Breakfast of champions yo! The golden, breaded exterior gave way to a gooey molten layer of chocolate, nougat and caramel. I had trouble eating and walking at the same time it was just that good. (Or I am just that uncoordinated)

It was such a glorious summer day unlike the crazy weird weather Sydney has been experiencing lately. Also Opera was in town and giant O’s were being sky written all morning but it was just so awesome to chillax but remember guys slip slop slap!

Somehow we always end up burying someone.

And then it was time to hit up Kazbah (379 Darling Street, Balmain) for their breakfast banquet ($25p.p min 6ppl) with some super excited hungry eaters where there was giant bowls of rice pudding, sweet couscous and banana porridge which alas I failed to take a photo of as I was too hungry ahaha but lookit that tagine! It was half lamb mince and half roast pumpkin breakfast tagine and oh baby it was deeeelicious with plenty of buttery Turkish bread to soak up the juices.

But wait look at this ginormous platter groaning under the motherlode of crispy bacon, halloumi, lamb sausages, roasted tomato and potato nubbins. There was also a separate plate filled with bowls of baby spinach, sauteed mushrooms and baked beans.

BUT THERE‘S STILL MORE! Eggs eggs and more eggs! Scrambled, poached or fried how can you resist such a cheerful looking plate? What’s that? You’re full? Surely you know what’s next…

The biggest mother honking pancake I have ever seen! A chocolate pancake so fat and dense and covered with butterscotch sauce and chocolate fudge ice cream zomg food coma begins nao. It doesn’t look too big from this pic but that plate was so deep man! And there was another pancake which I also failed in taking a photo of um my bad but it was a banana pancake with maple syrup and double cream. Did I mention they also gave us another side bowl filled with cream just in case that giant dollop wasn’t enough? Awesome. Not so awesome was the Sunday % surcharge. Boo someone report them to ACCC.

And I leave you with this awesome cocktail in a bear jar from the Grasshopper bar (Temperance Lane, off George St, Sydney). It was tasty and oh so easy to drink 😛

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