so that was christmas

26 December 2010, 22:34

Teehee Santa brought me a giant freaking jar of Nutella! zomg 5kilos of deliciousness! Lol and also a giant freaking mug that holds 2 litres of tasty beverages side note: Noods first saw the giant jar of Nutella displayed at a certain chocolate cafe (starts with st ends oritz) in Darling Harbour shops who offered to sell him an EMPTY jar for $45!! When he gave them a WTF would he want an empty jar they said they could sell him a full jar for $100. Thinking he was being ripped off he passed on their offer and went to Signorelli in Pyrmont and scored a (full) jar for $77. Woot. Signorelli=win

Thanks Santa Noods!

Showing my love by cooking the breakfast of champions! French toast, crispy bacon, garlic mushrooms, and baked eggs in a gingerbread mold hee ♥

Hope you guys are having an awesome holiday! Everything in moderation ya hear :P



  1. I’d like to see how many ways you can think of to use up all 5 kg. of Nutella!

    — iT    Dec 26, 11:33 PM    #

  2. Five kilos of Nutella! Imagine the possibilities! I’m actually wondering where you’re going to keep it – pride of place on the kitchen counter or next to your mac for midnight snacks?

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Dec 26, 11:47 PM    #

  3. i wonder how long the Nutella will last you :-)

    Simon Food Favourites    Dec 27, 12:44 AM    #

  4. Wow! A 5kg jar of Nutella. You won’t need a butter knife to spread it. You can just dip the bread. I know I would. I love Nutella. :)

    eatmarvin    Dec 27, 01:19 AM    #

  5. I have never seen a jar of Nutella that big!! Cute gingerbread man egg.

    Lisa@ButteryBooks    Dec 27, 03:40 AM    #

  6. Nutella for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I wouldn’t complain about that. Hope you had a great Christmas!

    Daphne    Dec 27, 07:28 AM    #

  7. haha that nutella jar is like a neutron bomb. good luck with that! merry christmas…

    Mark    Dec 27, 07:54 AM    #

  8. You must REALLY like Nutella!! Very cute gingerbread man. Was that Sangria I noticed in the final picture??? I enjoyed a few of those over the Christmas period too! Yum

    GourmetGetaways    Dec 27, 08:33 AM    #

  9. OMG you could stick your head in that jar and still have room to look around!

    john@heneedsfood    Dec 27, 10:20 AM    #

  10. WOW 5 kgs melt… wat reciepe are u goin to come up with suze?

    Dolly    Dec 27, 10:52 AM    #

  11. Nutella as big as your head! And a mug large enough to hold…lots of non-alcoholic drink hic =p

    Merry Christmas again!

    mademoiselle délicieuse    Dec 27, 11:12 AM    #

  12. Hah!! Love the giant jar of nutella! You have a very thoughtful hubby suze :) dont eat it all at once!

    Katie    Dec 27, 11:54 AM    #

  13. Hope you had a fab christmas Suze! lovin that nutella jar. I’ve seen them about a couple of places too- I couldn’t buy one though- I’d probably eat the whole thing with a spoon and then die with nutella oozing out my pores.

    Gastronomy Gal    Dec 27, 12:45 PM    #

  14. Aw, lookee the lil egg yolk belly!! :D Rather envious of that Nutella, but who wouldn’t be? Probably just as well I didn’t have one, or I’d have made even more nutella fudge than I did already…

    Merry Christmas!!

    Hannah    Dec 27, 01:33 PM    #

  15. oh soooo cute, gingerbread men eggs.

    sara @ Belly Rumbles    Dec 27, 04:29 PM    #

  16. Merry Xmas dudes! Hahah I’ve seen those giant jars around at a few cafes… Your mug can hold 2kg of tasty nutella ;)

    FFichiban    Dec 27, 09:25 PM    #

  17. eww they tried to rip noods off!! now its nutella icecream making time!

    sugarpuffi    Dec 29, 05:02 PM    #

  18. baked eggs in a ginger bread mould. your genius astounds me!!

    catty    Dec 29, 11:49 PM    #

  19. Whoa! 5kgs!! So, how long do you reckon that’s going to last then :) Thanks for the Christmas wishes, only just got back from holidays, just in time to wish you and Noods a very happy new year!

    shaz    Dec 30, 10:41 PM    #

  20. where can i get a jar like that??

    — sarah    Sep 4, 04:56 PM    #

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