Farewell Lex, China Doll, Woolloomooloo

  5 January 2011

This is Lex.

You may remember him in photos like this

Or this

Or this. When I first met Lex it was at a Tupperware party way back in June ’09 and it’s just so awesome to meet someone and know instantly you’ll be friends. And it doesn’t hurt that he can cook awesome food like bakuteh, super crispy pork crackling, buttery crab and ocean trout mmm but alas Lex is leaving the land of down under to try his luck in vegas and snowboard his way around the globe.

A farewell dinner at China Doll (6 Cowper Wharf Rd, Woolloomooloo) where the drinks are so pretty the boys cannot resist heh heh there was waaay too much food as usual especially as the staff went out of their way to thank Lex and showered us with some extra treats. Highlights for me are as follows-

Sashimi of Hiramasa Kingfish & Ocean Trout w Blackened Chilli Dressing ($26) was just absolutely delicious, the chili dressing wasn’t too spicy and the julienned apple underneath provided a refreshing crunch to the smooth as butter fish. (I can’t believe it’s not butter Fabio!)

Written on the far wall of the restaurant are the specials of the day and the crispy school prawns are instantly added to our list of must haves. The prawns were lightly battered and deep fried to crispy perfection. The sound of crunching fills the air as we battle each other for the remaining prawns and I swipe the remaining mayo to smother everything in sight. That mayo was awesome.

But the star of the night and with complements from the restaurant: ALASKAN CRAB!!! So freaking delicious that there are no sounds from the whole table as we dive in; the shell thoughtfully pre cracked for us for easy access to the sweet sweet flesh. Bliss. Definitely in the category of what I would eat as my last supper.

There was also duck with uber crispy skin, juicy pork, san choy bau, and a giant freaking fish that could have fed an army. But I was looking forward to one thing…

Condensed milk tart with peanut brittle and white sesame ice cream! A cloud of pashmak fluff adorns this fabulously gooey creation with innards that aren’t tooth achingly sweet.

A steamed banana pudding arrives and first to disappear are the caramelized banana slices as we swipe spoonfuls of the light cake and the rich chocolate ice cream

Woohoo one massive giant dessert platter! There was a bowl of glutinous black rice with ginger and drizzled with coconut milk; strawberry, apricot and white chocolate gelato; and sago with passionfruit

Too full to move we are the last to leave the previously uber packed restaurant. Farewell Lex, thanks for all the memories. Be safe, have an awesome time and ahem continue blogging!

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