Chinese New Year Markets, Belmore Park

  30 January 2011

OH HAI! And so the countdown is on! This Thursday, the 3rd of March February (heh thanks guys), marks the beginning of the lunar new year aka Chinese new year aka time for delicious biscuits and tarts, the colour red everywhere and the hypnotic sound of drums as troupes of shiny lions dance for red packets and leave in a shower of spluttering fire crackers.

The city of Sydney held their annual Chinese New Year Markets at Belmore Park over the weekend (ended yesterday) and there were plenty of stalls selling asian groceries and random knick knacks but luckily for Helen and I there was quite a few food stalls.

We stop and stare at a woman pounding away with a mortar and pestle and realise she’s making papaya salad. FRESH! For each order!

Papaya salad ($7) is luckily ordered ‘mild’ and while at first the salad is refreshing after the 30+ temps all week, soon I can feel my tastebuds burrrrrrning

Roti with condensed milk ($2) is so freaking cheap I had to do a double take at the chalkboard. Sure the dough wasn’t stretched on the spot but the pastry was flakey and there was a nice glug of condensed milk in the middle

Kha Nom Krok ($5) took a reaaaalllllly long time to be made but when it arrived we dug in with glee, the half spheres of glutinous rice cakes oozing with salty sweet coconut cream

Chai Tao Kway ($8) is a tad on the soft side but thanks to my issues with textures I kinda liked it but avoided the bean sprouts and garlic chives. The soft daikon nubbins were coated with eggy strands and just enough heat from the sambal to make it deeelicious

The Apam Balik ($7) is of the crispy kind; a generous scattering of sugar, ground peanuts and a dollop of butter corn makes this the perfect end to a spur of the moment dinner meetup ahh gotta love working in the city!

Oh and here’s a bunny.

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