Happy Valentines Day!

14 February 2011, 00:55

Dear Suze,

On a day when flowers get to travel around the country by FedEx, I was going to have something different delivered to your office…a pizza!. If you think about it, a pizza is like flowers…smells great, looks great, tastes great…and as an added bonus, you don’t need to find a vase – it fits perfectly in your stomach…

But I saw a strange evil eye when I mentioned it to you in passing…so I’ve hijacked your blog post for the day instead. If it’s any consolation, it woulda been a cheese pizza with extra cheese, pineapples and BBQ sauce : )

Happy Valentines Day love!

Love, Noods


To all Chocolatesuze readers

Ladies – sooo….am I a bit off the mark here? What did you get, or what would you want to see delivered to you from your other half on Valentines Day?

Gents – Bookmark these comments for reference for next year!

Happy Valentines Day all!

- noods



  1. Nice one Noods! Happy Valentines Day to you both!

    Umm I just got Anh Do’s book (The Happy Refugee) and a gift voucher for a champagne brunch for two on a boat around Sydney. I think it gets a bit harder buying gifts for someone after dating them for a while..

    Phuoc'n Delicious    Feb 14, 01:48 AM    #

  2. LOL aww you’re too funny Noods.

    As with every Valentines for the past 7 years, I’m getting zilch. The Boy and I don’t celebrate it and he knows that I hate this day with every cynical fibre of my being.

    On the other hand I would happily get all girly and mushy if he delivered to me a Holden V8 or Mustang to call my own. Or tickets to see an English football match in UK. Or a new Ducati motorbike… you get the picture :P

    Karen | C&C    Feb 14, 02:59 AM    #

  3. Haha HAI NOODS! V Day is a commercial rort. Romance is about forethought and insight, like knowing exactly the kind of pizza that Suze likes. Nawwww…….

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Feb 14, 03:04 AM    #

  4. I agree with Helen, I think it is a commercial rort. Pete and I are goign to have our own V day in a few weeks when the hype has died down. I like the idea of a pizza though, that would be romantic :)

    Erin@TheFoodMentalist    Feb 14, 08:41 AM    #

  5. I think sending a pizza is a brilliant idea – can you send out telepathic vibes to my husband please and put in my order for pepperoni in the shape of a heart! At least pizzas aren’t 5 times their usual price on V day like flowers are!

    Shann    Feb 14, 09:23 AM    #

  6. lol nice one Noods! Pizza is better than flowers.

    Iron Chef Shellie    Feb 14, 09:47 AM    #

  7. Cute cute cute! Pizza over flowers any day… (almost)

    Tina@foodboozeshoes    Feb 14, 09:51 AM    #

  8. Pizza is the best idea for valentines day! Don’t know if you’d get away with it on a birthday though lol!

    Jen    Feb 14, 10:25 AM    #

  9. Hilarious! I have to say I am not fussy. Any gift that is thoughtful is a good gift, at any time of year. Anything that shows you have been thinking of the person your gifting and that you know them.

    Lau @ Corridor Kitchen    Feb 14, 10:31 AM    #

  10. Squee!! Pizza ftw; flowers just die and you have to throw them out. And flowers don’t have melted cheeeeese!

    Steph    Feb 14, 10:35 AM    #

  11. I’m pretty much happy to receive anything as long as it’s a thoughtful surprise, but preferably on any other day rather than Valentine’s Day.

    Pizza delivered to my work for lunch would be nice. Good weather for melted cheeeeeese today…

    mademoiselle delicieuse    Feb 14, 10:42 AM    #

  12. It’s the thought that counts, and when that thought is FOOD, you know he really loves you!

    OohLookBel    Feb 14, 10:43 AM    #

  13. Haha awesome one noods! U r a man among men! Pizza would had been perfect!

    FFichiban    Feb 14, 10:52 AM    #

  14. Awww Noods, that’s so sweet! Exactly what every gal would love, rather than expensive flowers, or an over-expensive meal in a jam packed restaurant.

    MelbaToast    Feb 14, 11:05 AM    #

  15. Noods you are awesome LOL

    sara @ Belly Rumbles    Feb 14, 11:06 AM    #

  16. haha that would have been quite sweet since no one else would be receiving a heart shaped lunch :)

    Vivian - vxdollface    Feb 14, 11:34 AM    #

  17. aww noods that is too cute! flowers on V day are a complete rip off so I think pizza is a much better idea! surprise blog posts are awesome too :)

    Jacq    Feb 14, 11:56 AM    #

  18. aww…you are one lucky girl Suze !
    imagine if the pizza was a <3 shaped pizza too !
    well done Noods !

    Monica    Feb 14, 12:05 PM    #

  19. Dear Suze, you have the world’s best husband.
    Dear Noods, speak to my partner please? I think he needs to take a leaf out of your page.
    Happy Vday!!!!

    Trisha    Feb 14, 12:23 PM    #

  20. Heart-shaped pizza in the loved one’s favourite flavour will get my vote every time! Well done Noods!

    Moya    Feb 14, 01:11 PM    #

  21. Suze, without a doubt this has melted my icy heart today, love it!

    Gianna    Feb 14, 01:26 PM    #

  22. Teee, that’s awesome Noods. But for me, the pizza would only cut it if my boyfriend hand-delivered it ;)

    Chris    Feb 14, 02:15 PM    #

  23. Man, you are the BEST! I want pizza. Or at least a sandwich.

    — Rommy    Feb 14, 02:27 PM    #

  24. Haha! Yeah, noooooo! Pizza not like flowers at allllllllll. Maybe pizza if you’ve made it yourself for sweet Valentine’s tea. Really, you can’t go wrong with flowers, but your hijacking is pretty sweet too – it’s attention, acknowledgement and a big shout out of love and that’s all we girls really want I think.

    5 love stars for effort Noods and a Happy Valentine’s right back at you :)

    — KatieLovesWags    Feb 14, 02:48 PM    #

  25. hahaha Awesome!!
    Happy Valentine’s day to you both :)

    yas@hungry.digital.elf.    Feb 14, 02:48 PM    #

  26. They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but for some of us women.. it’s the same way to get to our hearts.

    A heart shaped pizza would of been perfect :D

    Tamz    Feb 14, 04:48 PM    #

  27. That is so sweet but it’s your hijack that’s the big winner, very romantic.

    My bf spoils me with chocolate and roses but the winner for me today is that he’s cooking me dinner :)

    Dumpling Girl    Feb 14, 07:42 PM    #

  28. I would like for my imaginary, invisible boyfriend to be a bit less imaginary and invisible. That’s all! :)

    Hannah    Feb 14, 11:41 PM    #

  29. I would have loved to get pizza instead of flowers. Very creative and delicious! You two are such a sweet couple!

    — Gee    Feb 14, 11:44 PM    #

  30. The spontaneous ‘i just bought you flowers just because I love you’ flowers are the best kind. Other than that, a delivery of a toasted chicken sandwich and a piece of banoffee pie would make my year….

    Tori @eat-tori    Feb 15, 07:49 AM    #

  31. nawwww Noods too sweet! Suze ur too lukcy. I would personally prefer though, a love heart shaped cake with thick thick icing over pizza :p

    sugarpuffi    Feb 15, 11:50 AM    #

  32. Awww! I am sure Suze was kinda wishing she had the pizza even though she gave you an evil eye! Girls like to roll their eyes at things even though they’ll secretly find it cute.

    Next year, send a bouquet of roses carved out of cheese :)
    Anything funny, thoughtful and different is always appreciated!!

    — Tammy    Feb 15, 05:27 PM    #

  33. that’s reaally creative one!! hope that you two had a great one!

    Melissa    Feb 15, 11:23 PM    #

  34. HAHA this is so cute!
    Maybe cake would’ve been better =P

    Lil    Feb 16, 12:46 PM    #

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