Happy Valentines Day!

  14 February 2011

Dear Suze,

On a day when flowers get to travel around the country by FedEx, I was going to have something different delivered to your office…a pizza!. If you think about it, a pizza is like flowers…smells great, looks great, tastes great…and as an added bonus, you don’t need to find a vase – it fits perfectly in your stomach…

But I saw a strange evil eye when I mentioned it to you in passing…so I’ve hijacked your blog post for the day instead. If it’s any consolation, it woulda been a cheese pizza with extra cheese, pineapples and BBQ sauce : )

Happy Valentines Day love!

Love, Noods


To all Chocolatesuze readers

Ladies – sooo….am I a bit off the mark here? What did you get, or what would you want to see delivered to you from your other half on Valentines Day?

Gents – Bookmark these comments for reference for next year!

Happy Valentines Day all!

– noods

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