Malaysia Kitchen Food Market, Sydney

  16 February 2011

So the latest word on the street is the pop up of Australia’s first ever Malaysia Kitchen Food Market!

For the next 3 days, a random dodgy looking CBD laneway opposite the QVB (next to Lowes and 7-11, behind State Theatre) gets transformed into an alley featuring brightly lit lanterns, drool inducing photos of Malaysian food plastered to the walls and makeshift stalls of restaurants Sambal, Mamak, Chinta Ria and Jackie M showcasing the best Malaysian food in Sydney. edit: so apparently Sambal was only at the launch and will not be cooking the next coupla nights, but Jimmy’s Laksa will be there cooking up a storm! Just be warned about the crazy queues and come early!

OH HAI ADAM AND ALVIN! Teehee I must admit a case of the shyness overcame me and could barely speak to them even though I stalk their blogs here and here

So shiny! Entry to the event is $10 and includes 4 courses of tasting plates.

l-r: Kueh Pie Tee, Sambal; Otak Otak, Jackie M; Pisces Toast, Chinta Ria; Chicken Satay, Mamak

Canapes soon started floating around the packed area, and Chinta Ria’s Pisces Toast had me eyeballing the waiters and stalking them for slices of this golden and crunchy fabulousness. Seriously you know how sometimes you go to an event and there’s just something that sticks in your mind as just so freaking tasty that you can’t function properly? Yeah. Totes tasty.

l-r: Lobak, Chinta Ria; Ayam Goreng, Mamak; Acar Awak, Sambal; Chai Tow Kway, Jackie M

We make our way to our seats on the long communal table where magically plates and plates of food arrive and soon we are hard pressed to find room! I particularly loved Jackie M’s Chai Tow Kway aka the carrot cake that does not have any carrot heh

l-r: Nasi Lemak, Jackie M; Roti Canai w Kari Kambing, Mamak; Seafood Joget, Chinta Ria; Nasi Kunyit w Nyonya Chicken, Sambal

See those yellow rice balls? They were freaking awesome! Like balls of gold yo! I heart glutinous rice and the flavour was out of this world combined with the chicken! Savoury with a hint of spice but oh so very moreish ohhhh yeahhh and how pretty is that Nasi Lemak? Felt like such a shame to ruin such beautiful presentation but ah how I love ikan billies!

It’s a warming feeling seeing everyone enjoying a cuisine not so widely known and while talking to complete strangers is intimidating at first, it was great to chat about what brings people together- delicious food. Hear that food? You bring people together yo!

All too soon desserts are prepared and lined up ready for our already stuffed stomachs. Unfortunately the Malaysia Kitchen Food Market will not be offering desserts on the night. OH HAI MUM! Work that bandana!

l-r: Sago w Gula Melaka, Sambal; Cendol, Chinta Ria; Bubur Cha Cha, Jackie M

And of course freshly made sweet Roti Tissue from Mamak!

My pleas for a super giant roti fell on deaf ears ahaha so hurry guys and get thee to the Malaysia Kitchen Food Market which opens at the State Theatre Laneway from 6pm tonight. Also check out their Facebook page for your chance to win a trip for 2 to KL!

Chocolatesuze attended the Malaysia Kitchen Australia VIP launch event as a guest of Ogilvy 360.

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