Scones at The Tea Cosy, The Rocks

  23 February 2011

What’s the time Mr Wolf? It’s SCONES TIME! SCONES TIME! So last week I had a crazy hankering for some freshly baked, just outta the oven scones slathered in fresh jam and cream. Thanks to the power of the twitterverse, scone heaven was to be found at The Tara Tea Room The Tea Cosy, behind the Irish Design Shop (33 George St, The Rocks) which only opens Sat & Sun 10am-5pm for their famed devonshire tea.

There it is! The boy and I found ourselves navigating the morning crowds at the Rocks Markets searching for the scone clock perched outside. If you miss the scone clock then listen out for the lilting melody of Irish tunes being broadcast over the speakers. Make your way to the back of the shop to order and pay before finding a table either outside in the courtyard, inside the shop or out front to watch shoppers amble on by.

OH HAI! Tee hee the teapots are all nice and snuggly and kept warm with their very own psychedelic looking woolen teapot cosy.

Lol Noods photobombing. The menu is so cute! Instead of going with the $9.50 scones set (2 scones, 1 pot of jam, 1 pot of cream, 1 serve of tea), we decide to try all the scones flavours available as well as multiple jams and cream. We were hungry 😀

A short moment later our tier arrives and I chortle with anticipation at finally appeasing my scone hungry soul.

Scones yo! I was stalking their twitter account (@taratearoom) who tweeted their flavours for the weekend and got sad there was no cherry ripe or cheese scone but luckily the 4 flavours were date, raisin, plain and pumpkin which intrigued me as I’d never had a savoury scone before. And they were all deeeelicious! Warm pillows of scone-y goodness!

I had high expectations for the raisin scone and was not disappointed with the juicy, plump raisins found in abundance hiding in its depths. The date scone was a bit on the sweet side when paired with a jam so I just slathered it in cream mmm cream. I saved the pumpkin scone to last as I knew the sugar overload from all the jams would kick in and make me go nuts haha the quince jam was recommended for the pumpkin scone but I reckon just a nice slather of butter would be awesome. The plain was just in case Noods rebelled and wanted a normal scone flavour haha

Jams yo! We kinda ordered too many pots of jam but the jam flavours on that menu was just so enticing haha we got the raspberry, quince, and pawpaw, lime & passionfruit as well as thickened cream and clotted cream. We weren’t big fans of the clotted cream but oh boy the thickened cream with jam = bliss. The pawpaw, lime & passionfruit jam was surprisingly my fav as I usually have issues with mixed fruit jams but all the elements somehow came together to produce a not too sweet, slightly sour concoction.

Ok not an entirely appetising pic of scones but ahaha this is not my cream to jam ratio. I usually double layer the cream and jam and then another layer of cream and jam heh and I have to admit I was defeated after halving all the scones and sharing with Noods lol stomach why you so fail?


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