March Into Merivale Launch 2011

25 February 2011, 04:40

OH HAI! Can you believe it’s almost March? And so begins March Into Merivale where all Merivale restaurants are offering a $33 lunch and dinner menu for the month of March. As in previous years, a launch party was held at the ivy to showcase the restaurants menu offerings however this year there was a $20 cover entry which got you 6 tasting coupons + 2 drinks. We three had scored some vip tix so we could have a good wander around and partake in some especially tasty cocktails teehee

We start our journey at Ash Street laneway and having glanced at the menu I knew I first had to try Felix’s Chicken Liver Pate with Currant Relish. Look at them boats all lined up in a row! Oh pate why must you be so smooth and delicious with splodges of juicy currants making everything right with the world. Word on the street is that Felix does a mighty fine Reuben sandwich too woot Monday dinner locked and loaded. Hihi Lauren and Steph!

Ms. G’s Chilli Cheese Dog Spring Rolls looked so normal and innocent had you not known what they were but it was the first bite into the crisp, flaky pastry that had me hooked as the melty cheesy innards ooze out oh baby totes would be perfect as bar food with a beer or two.

In case you had used up your 6 tasting coupons there was the option to purchase more from beautifully adorned models which I ended up stalking to take a photo with heh lookit a pineapple!

A row of Pulled Pork Burgers from Lotus is soon calling my name. Squidgy soft burger buns filled with super tender porky flesh and a slathering of coleslaw is a winner

Dan_Hong in da house yo! Could not resist greeting him with a balllzzzz ahahahaha

Ash St Cellar’s Choripan

Mad Cow’s Beef Tartare

LOBSTER HAT! SQUEE! Just like Britney’s lobster headpiece in Glee!

We migrate from the laneway and stumble up to the ivy Room

Sushi E’s Chef Nobuyuki Ura hard at work

Loved Sushi Choo’s Astroboy deco!

Of course we all had eyes for this giant piece of crackle at The Beresford Hotel safely placed far away from reaching arms

Heh she’s got a bread fan! And garlic shoulder pads! We adjourn to the Felix bar and bump into Simon, lamenting the lack, nay, absence of desserts so we drown our sorrows in Spiced Pink Grapefruit Vodka Martini’s which awesomely tasted like gingerbread. But pink. Mmm pink.

Chocolatesuze attended the March Into Merivale Launch as a guest of Stellar Concepts.



  1. So fun! Love the food clothing combos :) hehehe ballzzzzzzz

    shez    Feb 25, 08:02 AM    #

  2. Awww so much food! So you ‘stumbled’ into the ivy room, after how many drinks? =p Haha jk =p Awww the food outfits are awesome! Totally befitting for the occasion!

    angie    Feb 25, 08:45 AM    #

  3. Oooo – this looks like so much fund, I wish I’d gone but didn’t know anyone who was going. Doh!

    That crackling looks Ah-mazing! In fact everything looks amazing. Food envy.

    MelbaToast    Feb 25, 08:57 AM    #

  4. All the food looks great, but that mega piece of crackling!

    sara @ Belly Rumbles    Feb 25, 09:13 AM    #

  5. woah…. pulled pork burger! DAMN! and the crackling – wow! it all looks amazing!

    Gastronomous_a    Feb 25, 09:18 AM    #

  6. A bounty of tastiness! I'm predicting a trend of garlic shoulder pads next season.

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Feb 25, 09:20 AM    #

  7. oooh looks yum! did you get crackling in the end?

    Chris    Feb 25, 09:24 AM    #

  8. MAN I WANT ONE OF THOSE HATS! But mine will be adorned with the extra large piece of crackle mmmmmmmmmwahahahah

    KayB    Feb 25, 09:39 AM    #

  9. lobster hat, bread fan and garlic shoulder pad, that is interesting! haha! sounds like so much fun in march!

    Melissa    Feb 25, 10:28 AM    #

  10. drools omg that pate looks delish!

    Mai    Feb 25, 10:37 AM    #

  11. Someone should wear that mega piece of crackling…or, you know, eat it!

    mademoiselle délicieuse    Feb 25, 10:46 AM    #

  12. Love the foodie models :) and the spring roll sounds great.
    Someone should’ve work the crackle as an accessory… crackle stole?

    Tina@foodboozeshoes    Feb 25, 10:53 AM    #

  13. Love the food-themed accesories :)

    Gaby    Feb 25, 10:57 AM    #

  14. i’m still dreaming of those Spiced Pink Grapefruit Vodka Martinis and Felix’s freshly shucked oysters :-)

    Simon Food Favourites    Feb 25, 11:14 AM    #

  15. oh wow you lucky duck!! this year looks much less crowded haha. mmm pork crackling…

    sugarpuffi    Feb 25, 11:19 AM    #

  16. Hey Suze, good to finally meet you! Sorry if I was a little hazy at the time – being a little detatched from the food blogesphere of late.

    Too right! Where was the dessert?

    The merivale get up was a little gaga this year!

    Renita    Feb 25, 11:22 AM    #

  17. Oooh, someone’s got a fancy schmancy VIP pass! Cheesey spring rolls sound like heaven! And please say you left at the end of the night with that crackling…

    Hannah    Feb 25, 10:42 PM    #

  18. I’m glad you mentioned Glee Britney’s lobster headwear, as Tik Tok is playing at work right now. LOL

    And only gorgeous models can make a fruit hat look good right?? :-D

    joey@FoodiePop    Feb 26, 09:57 AM    #

  19. So much eye candy…

    …the models are quite pretty too

    the ninja    Feb 26, 08:30 PM    #

  20. It looks more civilized and less squashed this year, perhaps due to the coupon system?

    Karen (missklicious)    Mar 1, 08:30 PM    #

  21. Wow, that all looks so fun and tasty. I want everything!

    Vix    Mar 14, 06:45 AM    #

  22. Loving all the food costumes. Looks like a fun night!

    Missdissent    Mar 16, 04:16 PM    #

  23. Looks yummy and really pretty. so much to explore in Australia….

    Makan 1976 (Bernard)    Mar 17, 09:21 PM    #

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