Eurolounge, Castle Hill – Closed

  28 February 2011

Edit: CLOSED Hai everyone how was your weekend? Lots of chilling out and relaxing I hope! It was the boy and my 1 year wedding anniversary yesterday and since moving to the Parra area we’ve missed visiting the local restaurants we went to when we were first going out in the Baulko area. Eurolounge (Shop 21 The Piazza, Old Northern Rd, Castle Towers, Castle Hill) is an old favourite of ours, the staff are always lovely and the food is almost certainly delicious. We like sitting outside for lunch but wish they had a separate area for smokers and non smokers.

The Entree Tasting Plate for two ($35.90) is a winner for me as I love small portions of different kinds of food. Bite sized is the way to go yo! The oysters were topped with a slice of smoked salmon, salmon roe and a dab of creme fraiche, it looked a bit off-putting as I am an oyster purist and hate any form of topping on oysters but surprisingly everything worked together.

The crab tower with layers of avocado and tomata was so freaking cute sitting so perfectly in its tiny dish waiting to be smashed apart; the square of pork belly was a lil tricky to navigate as it was just a tad too large to eat in one bite and the dish a tad too small to cut the pork in half but the crackling was crispy and the meat tender.

The standout of the platter was the chilli salt squid, the batter lightly coating each squid curl and sitting atop the most delicious aioli I have ever had in my life. Fo shizz this stuff was gold I could eat the aioli with a spoon from a giant never ending bucket! edit: the cups held super fragrant broth topped with a lobster wonton.

My Duo of Grimaud Duck Breast Fillet & Confit Leg ($34.90) was for lack of a better word, perfect. Oh confit of duck how I could wax lyrical about the magic that is cooking meat in its own fat mmm fat. The boy had asked if I was going to pick up the leg and start gnawing away but I refrained. We are grown ups now I reply. The strips of duck breast were juicy and tender and delicious, but I was not a fan of the parsnip puree. The cubes of roasted potato and beetroot were a nice touch but I found myself wanting more greenery than that single leaf of rocket placed as garnish.

The Creme Brulee ($9) was being cooked and wouldn’t be ready any time soon said the waiter and as my face dropped he quickly replied but hey we can make you 3 small portions instead! Awesome oh yes as small cups equals higher sugary caramelised layer to smooth custard ratio woot! The spoonful of raspberry sorbet was tart and cut through the richness of the custard and the heaviness of the meal leaving me happy and full.

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