Felix Bistro & Bar, Sydney

  7 March 2011

OH HAI! So like, I CAN SEE! Lasik surgery went awesomely, I totally heart Dr C, Miss SS and the lovely peeps at Vision Eye Institute (lols free shout out yo!) Everything’s got a warm glow kinda like watching those crappy american day time teevee shows but woohoo no more glasses! Tho I do blame the above blurblur pic to Noods and not to my eyesight lol

So anyways last week was the boy and my 1 year wedding anniversary and I was given the option of going to Quay but… I chose Felix (2 Ash St, Sydney) on the basis of trying their legendary Reuben sandwich hehe priorities!

A complimentary basket of freshly sliced bread magically appears and before I know it half the bread disappears within seconds. Also, that butter was just fantastic and gone much too soon.

After demolishing the bread basket it probably was not the best idea for me to order the Chicken Liver Pate with Currant Relish & Cornichons ($16) knowing that I was going to be eating a sandwich for my mains and also knowing I have a stomach the size of a peanut… But I couldn’t resist! After trying the super delish pate at the March into Merivale launch party I’ve been having dreams about it! Silky smooth creamy pate how I love thee! I just could not help but slather the pate an inch thick onto a roughly hewn chunk of grilled bread and topped with a juicy currant or two oh baby this is the place where dreams are made.

Noods had chosen the Steak Tartare ($24) not quite knowing what it was. Really all he saw was the word steak and was intrigued when the mound of raw steak topped with an egg was placed in front of him. To be honest I didn’t give him much time to look at the menu as I was pretty hungry and had pre read the menu online and he didn’t bother asking me what it was cos he likes surprises heh but after giving everything a good mix and taking a tentative bite he dug in with gusto and the plate was soon spotless.

Heh <3

At last! My preciousssss! The Rueben Sandwich with a dill pickle ($18) is the cheapest item on the Mains menu but by golly it looks to be the hugest thing at Felix! It is a freaking monster with thick slices of grilled bread and slabs of crazy awesome salted meat (pastrami?), a layer of cheese and a blanket of sauerkraut.

Innards shot! Much appreciated the pickles on the side as opposed to inside the sammich as I haz issues with texture and preferred to take a bite or two of the rich, meaty sandwich followed by a mini bite of crunchy pickle. I did find the sauerkraut a tad salty but the meat made up for it with bucketloads of deliciousness.

Noods ordered the Crumbed Rabbit, carrot salad & eschallot vinaigrette ($32) again, out of curiosity and also knowing he would have to help me eat some of my sandwich haha we also ordered a side of Garlic Mash ($10) because I momentarily believed I had 5 stomachs that could handle all the richness.

Had to bypass the Chocolate Mousse knowing we would explode so plan B was the Lemon Delicious Pudding, cream & candied lemon ($16) which turned out to be the best damn lemon delicious pudding I have ever had in my life! Oh yes big call I know but hey now it just means you gotta go and try it and tell me if you’ve had better! It was the perfect ending to a rich meal, with lemony custardy innards so light it was almost souffle-like though I think I would have preferred a scoop of ice cream instead of the cream to go with it? But anywhos moving along.

But what’s this? Extra dessert? With a candle too! Naw ♥ a restaurant that picks up on the details! The blueberry financiers disappear quickly along with the ice cream into the abyss that is my emergency dessert stomach. Happy anniversary love! And we shall return soon, for the gruyere souffle is calling my name&#8230;

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