Taste of Sydney 2011

  11 March 2011

OH HAI! It’s Friday! And the Taste of Sydney has begun! Get yourself to Centennial Park 2nite and this weekend and be prepared to eat up a storm cos there are some freaking delicious food to be eaten and just as equally delicious chefs to stalk 😛

The free flow of Pimms and champers in the HSBC vip tent (thanks Stellar Concepts!) may have impaired my ability to take photos of food in low light. That, and you know, my general co-ordination. Assiette’s Crispy Pork Belly, ($12/crowns) was a highlight for me with a generous serve of super tender porky with some crisp shards of crackle. L’etoile’s French country style pate ($10/crowns) had me swooning along with half the population crowding around the stall for glimpses of the smooth Manu

But it was Four in Hand’s Snickers ($8/crowns) that I was waiting for all night. A giant scoop of ice cream with a gooey caramel sauce and crunchy praline chunks oh baby can this dessert be any more awesome

(Wow can this blurry photo be more blurry). Victor Churchill’s creme brulee ($8) brought us to our knees with super smooth custardy innards flecked heavily with vanilla bean and protected by a thick layer of caramelised sugar deliciousness.

Hope you guys have an awesome weekend and hey look the awesome Jennifer from Life is like a cupcake did a lovely review of Chocolatesuze on her radio segment Best of the Blogs on Hope103.2FM!

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