Jurassic Lounge- The Australian Museum, Sydney

  23 March 2011

Welcome! Oh look is that a dinosaur sticking its head out the window at the Australian Museum? Why yes it is! After seeing some photos from the awesome crunchy tiger on her blog and on the book of faces, we crazy kids rocked up to Jurassic Lounge at the Australian Museum (6 College St, Sydney).

Word on da street was that it’s kinda like a pop up bar… but in a museum. Which is totes awesome cos I’m not super crazy about dinosaurs but I admit to having a fascination of how the dinosaur bones are arranged cos we all know how I love puzzles (lols stupid soft drink puzzle is still not completed arghh!)

$15 entry got us 1 free drink and then you’re free to stumble around the museum, going through all the nooks and crannys without fear of anyone telling you to keep your voice down or hey you no drinks in here lol alcohol + darkened museum + awesome tunes = best Tuesday night ever!

Teehee it’s the dinos ass backside! In the skeleton room there was live music with heaps of cushions scattered around, next door were artists painting beautiful creations and go up a level and there’s a silent disco!

Ohohoho the silent disco was the main drawcard for me wanting to visit the museum and it was an interesting experience entering a mostly silent room of people bopping along to a beat you could only hear via headphones. Loved dancing in a room filled with towering dinosaur skeletons but the music that night was not quite my style and a tad trippy- someone needs to invent a silent disco where you can change the channel on the headphones to listen to music from another dj! You heard this idea here first yo!

Oh hai! This fabulous pic was taken by Minh when we were leaving the silent disco and stumbled across a mini dance area where a webcam had been set up to a projection screen so you can watch yourself dance and shoot lasers street fighter/mortal kombat style! Tunes were crazy awesome here and I fear there may be some insane videos taken of me dancing like a looney floating around the interwebs soon haha edit: FOUND IT!

Thanks miss kathy!

There wasn’t much hot food available but we got these cute little pies ($6 for 3)

My what sharp teeth you have. There was also a Twitter scavenger hunt that saw our group tearing around taking photos and um winning all 3 prizes of the night heh nerds ftw

Run away Richard!!

RAWR! The gift shop is like, soooo much fun! There was also a teenage mutant ninja turtle costume for sale but sadly only in kids size haha

It gloooooows! Jurassic Lounge is running every Tuesday night from 5.30pm until the 19th April so get there soon before it becomes extinct!

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