Chocolatesuze & Noods' Trash the Wedding Dress Food Fight Photo Shoot

13 April 2011, 01:47

OH HAI! Oh look I’m back in my wedding dress! Yes that’s right folks, 1 year after our candy wedding we finally did a trash the wedding dress photo shoot with the awesome Trish from Tealily Photography. Heh heh I love my ice cream cone toys

I knew I had wanted to do a trash the wedding dress shoot even BEFORE our wedding planning had started. Some people plan their dream wedding, I planned for a trashing :D

We rocked up to our local park, bright and early and with a car full of cake…

Noods had been questioning my madness leading up to the day of the shoot and it wasn’t until he had this whole cake in his hand did he start to chortle


HAHA you want a piece of me?! Lols look at dem crazy eyes! I had whipped up 1.5kg of buttercream icing tinted pink, blue and green and lol we didn’t have enough!


By the way, our throwing skills? Not so great.

Teehee so buttery

And sweet

And colourful

How about some sprinkles?


Oooh handful of sprinkles!

Psychedelic baby yeah!

Noods gets his hands on the syrups…

BAHAHAHA I turn into a choc top!

Trish totes had fun playing with the can of whipped cream haha I’m lying on a bed of marshmallows and just about in a sugar coma cos I couldn’t help but sneak bites of candy…

Thanks so much Trish for being so awesome! We had a freaking fabulous time! And yes concerned citizens I rinsed the majority of the icing out of the dress before taking to the dry-cleaners and EVERYTHING came out! Good as new hehe we had to take about 3 showers for the butter to come out of our hair but hey it’s not like we’ll be doing that again any time soon :P



  1. OH MY GWAAAAAAAAD You had me going ‘uh-uh no you didnt!!!’ Good to know everything came out LOL

    I don’t mind butter cream fight any time grin

    Yas    Apr 13, 01:55 AM    #

  2. Nawww see now that’s how you celebrate an anniversary! Looks like you had so much fun and haha I see crazy eyes. Love the marshmallow shot (HELLO FUN FEARLESS FEMALE!). Happy anniversary!

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Apr 13, 01:57 AM    #

  3. hahahaha these photos are so awesome! all the buttercream and cake and sprinkles make me smile :) looks like you both had a super fun time!

    Jacq    Apr 13, 02:03 AM    #

  4. SMOOSH!

    Lolsss, I’m just imagining the drycleaners’ wtf faces when they looked at your dress. And how you guys travelled home as cleanly as possible in the car.

    Karen | C&C    Apr 13, 02:32 AM    #

  5. EFFING BEST POST EVER!! Loving it so much!! I love the choc syrup series! So much awesomeness guys! Can’t wait to see what you do for the next anniversary :D

    I’m with Karen, wanted to know dry cleaner’s expression when you took the dress and suit in!

    Phuoc'n Delicious    Apr 13, 02:37 AM    #

  6. LOL! loving the pixelated tie :D

    omg looks like soooo much fun! I wanted to do something like this before but I never thought of doing it with food.. I was thinking along the lines of paint but cake/cream/syrup is way more AWESOME!

    ps. I think your dry cleaner hates you! :P

    Vivian - vxdollface    Apr 13, 03:02 AM    #

  7. Love the pics, but thats such a waste of cake and syrup. :|

    — A    Apr 13, 03:47 AM    #

  8. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to wait so long! I looooooove the sprinkles and love evenmore the frame by frame chocolate soaking!

    — Laura    Apr 13, 07:25 AM    #

  9. Seriously – you guys are too cute! I cannot think of a more unique (yet appropriate) way for your trash the dress session! BRILLIANT!

    Lisa    Apr 13, 09:05 AM    #

  10. Wow. Looks like so much fun! Now that is a memorable way to celebrate a one year anniversary. Congratulations.

    Dressed and Eaten    Apr 13, 09:17 AM    #

  11. Hilarious! This has to beat ANY wedding or post-wedding pics I’ve seen. Love seeing the fun.

    Andrea    Apr 13, 09:27 AM    #

  12. This is so awesome on so many levels LOL!!! Tish did a fabulous job capturing all the fun :) You guys are the best!!!

    brenda    Apr 13, 09:30 AM    #

  13. You crazy kids! Looks like so much fun – I would’ve snuck a bit of cake too…

    Miss Piggy    Apr 13, 09:48 AM    #

  14. You two are adorable.

    — Kitchit    Apr 13, 09:53 AM    #

  15. NAWWW, that’s ridiculously cute! Love those Polaroid shots at the end <3

    Minh    Apr 13, 10:01 AM    #

  16. these photo’s are so cute!

    betty    Apr 13, 10:36 AM    #

  17. Wow amazing shoot! I can’t believe it all came out at the dry cleaners, what champs!

    Zina @ tasted by two    Apr 13, 10:48 AM    #

  18. I am a huge fan of the whole ‘trash the dress’ thing. I’m so glad you did it this way. Great photos!

    Lau @ Corridorkitchen    Apr 13, 10:56 AM    #

  19. AMAZING!!! what a great idea!

    idontcryieat    Apr 13, 10:56 AM    #

  20. This.Is.AWESOME!!

    Kat    Apr 13, 11:24 AM    #

  21. No? I thought this might be a monthly activity… :)

    Tina@foodboozeshoes    Apr 13, 11:50 AM    #

  22. That is awesome. I have never even seen or heard of anyone doing this. lol

    Susan    Apr 13, 12:13 PM    #

  23. Absolutely amazing. I love the Trash the Dress photoshoots but this was right up my alley, sugary sweetness, colourful and trashtastic!
    What a brilliant 1st anniversary present for each other.

    Megan    Apr 13, 12:14 PM    #

  24. So much love for Trish. She really is the greatest huh!

    As soon as I saw this I thought “how did they drive home”?

    You crazy kids! <3

    Emily@NeedsMoreSugar    Apr 13, 12:14 PM    #

  25. Love the sprinkles shot and the one after it. Gorgeous! And so much fun

    john@heneedsfood    Apr 13, 12:38 PM    #

  26. Haha thats so awesome! I love that you chose desserts to keep it true to yourself. I would have been awful at that, most of it would have ended up in my mouth instead lol

    Nic@diningwithastud    Apr 13, 12:52 PM    #

  27. Just love the one of you lying in the marshmallows!!! Don’t know why i didn’t see it before…. Anyway it would be so great printed up big! Totally hot :D

    — tammy    Apr 13, 01:57 PM    #

  28. I love this!

    jenny (minibites)    Apr 13, 02:05 PM    #

  29. Suze + bathtubs or wedding dresses + confectionary = Total madness + Total awesomeness!!

    Shanks    Apr 13, 02:08 PM    #

  30. This is the best idea ever! So much fun! Especially love the sprinkles photos <3

    Steph    Apr 13, 02:26 PM    #

  31. suze, you are crazy but you know what. this is incredible.

    laura    Apr 13, 02:37 PM    #

  32. I just started reading your blog recently, and I can’t help but leave a comment on this! This looks like so much fun. I think it looks like something that I would love to do too:) You guys make a really sweet and lovely couple. I’m excited for you!

    Kayla @Fitter Than Choc    Apr 13, 03:25 PM    #

  33. 33. gosh I can’t believe youth trashed your dress but you guys looked soooooo incredibly happy ^^

    — Tami    Apr 13, 06:06 PM    #

  34. You guys are mad crazy – but it looks like you had a lot of fun!!!! I have just sent someone your blog address to check out for wedding ideas (lollypops instead of flowers!!)- I wonder how she will like this idea???

    Cate    Apr 13, 06:20 PM    #

  35. You guys are so adorable and absolutely stir crazy!! lol Happy Anniversary and to endless more :-)

    Sneh | Cook Republic    Apr 13, 06:47 PM    #

  36. you almost look edible! :)

    bbsnoopy    Apr 13, 06:55 PM    #

  37. I love the sprinkle shots! Totally awesome shoot =)

    Chris    Apr 13, 07:03 PM    #

  38. WIN WIN WIN!

    mooiness    Apr 13, 07:22 PM    #

  39. 4 letters.


    Dolly    Apr 13, 09:08 PM    #

  40. THIS-IS-FREAK-IN-AWE-SOME!! Hats, frocks, suits, shoes and ties off to you… I love an old fashioned food fight and quite literally I think you guys take the cake!

    Keely aka The Richest Girl in Bondi    Apr 13, 09:58 PM    #

  41. You two are seriously super cute. Yay for food fights..

    Katherine    Apr 13, 10:07 PM    #

  42. I LOVE this! Such a fantastic idea.
    I can’t believe everything came out of your dress.
    I’m sure you smelt sweet for days!

    Jen    Apr 13, 10:22 PM    #

  43. FUN!!

    and gorgeous, as always

    Fiona    Apr 13, 10:28 PM    #

  44. Crazyyyyyy but looked like u had a lot of fun! Loved the photo if u lying down and the dress looked oh so colorful :)

    Congrats on ur one year anniversary

    Gastronomous Anonymous    Apr 14, 12:11 AM    #

  45. I’m just thinking – how did you get cleaned up to get home after the trashing ;p and I love Noods’ tie! It’s freaking awesome :) And the series of chocolate syrup photos is rad too!

    Janine    Apr 14, 12:51 AM    #

  46. It seems that you had a blast doing the shoot. Congratulations on your first anniversary. This is definitely a fun way to go to celebrate it.

    — Jayson James    Apr 14, 01:31 AM    #

  47. You timed it while your parents were away??!

    — iT    Apr 14, 02:06 AM    #

  48. Love the photo of the sprinkled hands :D. This is just too cute!

    Eesh    Apr 14, 02:11 AM    #

  49. Oh! That is the most amazing set of photos I have seen!!

    I love it!!!

    Great job, awesome colours, every step of the way is fantastic! Good job!

    Gourmetgetaways    Apr 14, 08:33 AM    #

  50. Wow! This looks like so much fun. The pics are beautiful too x

    Laura    Apr 14, 10:36 AM    #

  51. After eight long years together I can only hope that someday soon my boyfriend will propose to me, then I can have a wedding, and then I CAN TRASH MY DRESS!! You are all kinds of crazy but I love it!!

    KayB    Apr 14, 11:56 AM    #

  52. OH I ALWAYS LOVE YOUR POSTS!!!! They make me smile time and time again!

    phoodie    Apr 14, 01:24 PM    #

  53. Brilliant! I absolutely love this, it’s so appropriate and you both look like you’re having loads of fun. Congratulations :D

    Chanel    Apr 14, 02:20 PM    #

  54. Haha, too cute! I kinda did this on my actual wedding day as I wound up so plastered ‘cake cutting’ was total mess.

    Anyway, I just came across this site and thought of you –

    — KatieLovesWags    Apr 14, 02:56 PM    #

  55. Wow! Amazing photos!! This looks like SO much fun :) :) You look so happy- it makes me smile!
    Hannah x

    Hannah    Apr 14, 04:28 PM    #

  56. How much fun does this look?! I’d like to turn into a choc-top… mmm.

    Amanda    Apr 14, 04:34 PM    #

  57. Oh my, this made me laugh so much. And you look so beautiful! Love them. Love, love, love them.

    Tori (@eat-tori)    Apr 14, 06:40 PM    #

  58. pure gold (or pure icing?) :)

    Rah    Apr 14, 07:07 PM    #

  59. oh my god. noods tie is so trippy!

    — Jenny    Apr 14, 11:20 PM    #

  60. Lovely photos! so sweet! looks like you had a lot of fun!!!

    linda    Apr 15, 01:19 AM    #

  61. I LOVE THIS. that is all.

    catty    Apr 15, 08:24 AM    #

  62. happy (and sweet) one year anniversary :)

    sarah    Apr 15, 09:29 AM    #

  63. omggg u are totally mad!! but it looks oh so fun at the same time. i love the sprinkles picture! its like raining colourful candy :D

    sugarpuffi    Apr 15, 12:32 PM    #

  64. You guys are so cute and adorable! looks like amazing fun! Sprinkles!

    L    Apr 15, 04:20 PM    #

  65. the sprinkles are genius! adorable!

    hollypop    Apr 15, 05:29 PM    #

  66. Happy anniversary! You’re officially not newly weds anymore! Lol, that dress looks tasty now :P Also, that tie is INSANE.

    JasmyneTea    Apr 15, 09:09 PM    #

  67. too awesome for words :D choc top suze!

    Julie    Apr 15, 10:07 PM    #

  68. This is freaking awesome! I can’t believe it all came out!

    Karen missklicious    Apr 15, 11:08 PM    #

  69. Hehe…love it!

    — Trish    Apr 16, 02:21 AM    #

  70. I LOVE IT!! so much fun :)

    muppy    Apr 16, 11:23 AM    #

  71. You’re so crazy, love the choc top

    Steph    Apr 16, 11:32 AM    #

  72. I think I just cried a little bit inside about how full of happiness, love, and wonderfulness these photos, and you and Noods, are. You really are quite The Amazing.

    Hannah    Apr 16, 05:01 PM    #

  73. You guys rule so hard :D

    Is it weird that my first thought was ‘I WONDER IF THEY BAKED THE CAKES THEMSELVES??!’ ahahah

    Lizzi    Apr 17, 05:47 PM    #

  74. Bahahahaha! Candy wedding -> candy trashing. Too cool and so much fun by the looks on your faces =D

    mademoiselle délicieuse    Apr 18, 12:59 AM    #

  75. OMG how did I miss this when you posted it. LOL. Thank you for belly laugh. I showed Josh and he thinks its hilarious. Thank you for the fun. awesome photos

    tinytearoom    Apr 18, 09:59 PM    #

  76. I have wanted to write something like this on my blog and you gave me an idea. Thank you.

    — tangyan    Apr 20, 10:00 PM    #

  77. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it Suze. You are amazing. Love the photos – you both look so happy :)

    Anita    Apr 20, 11:25 PM    #

  78. Wow what an awesome idea! You have given me some ideas what to do with my old one!

    Vintage Macaroon    Apr 23, 03:23 PM    #

  79. I was going to do this on our first anniversary but i chickened out about trashing the dress!!! Fantastic photo’s. You both look like you had so much fun :)

    Leah    Apr 23, 08:43 PM    #

  80. Haha, I’ve seen trash the wedding dress photos but this takes it to a whole new level <3

    angie    May 1, 10:36 PM    #

  81. This is AWESOME Suze!! I LOVE IT! The sprinkles,the syrup and the whipped cream. You go girl! x

    Lucie    May 1, 10:51 PM    #

  82. What a brilliant idea Suze – you guys are the cutest kids!

    forager @ The Gourmet Forager    May 12, 06:24 PM    #

  83. you guys are crazy!

    Crazy awesome!

    thatssoron    Jun 22, 12:42 AM    #

  84. wow, its awesome(: i wish i will have a lovely moment like yours with my lovely too. <3

    — Arielle    Jun 26, 09:50 PM    #

  85. O Yeah Yummmy~~I will try to do one as well. Thanks for being such an inspiration:D

    Silvia    Jun 28, 01:55 PM    #

  86. Now this DEFFO gives me ideas for my wedding. Thanks! :)

    — Maddy    Jun 30, 08:38 PM    #

  87. Such a cute idea! The photos look wonderful.

    Marlo Perry    Jul 11, 02:56 PM    #

  88. Unique idea! <3 them! :)

    Avril    Jul 19, 05:09 PM    #

  89. Wonderful photos!

    Joe    Dec 5, 11:04 AM    #

  90. Oh my gosh! Just stumbled across your blog – how gorgeous! Loved the wedding and the trashing – what better a way for a food lover to celebrate!

    Lani    Feb 22, 02:20 PM    #

  91. Oh wow, this is what i always wanted to do but never dared. I really love this. Can i do such a shoot please?

    — akkemay    Jun 17, 01:04 AM    #

  92. Love your idea! The photos are great, they capture what I imagine was A LOT of fun. Your blog is fabulous too!

    Reena Narayan    Dec 19, 05:34 PM    #

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