Food noms at Westfield, Sydney

  6 May 2011

OH HAI! So word on the street was that the food court at Westfield Sydney was finally completed! Thanks to the awesome Melinda and Louise, a couple of us went on a whirlwind tour of all the newly opened food outlets. The above pic was from outside Din Tai Fung, where you can stare as dumplings are made on the premises.

Our JOURNEY (heh #teambilly get your tshirts here) begins with a tour of Justin North’s Quarter 21 which has a restaurant, a retail shop and a cooking school.

The hanging meat compels you!

The Snag Store is a funky, brightly lit store with 15 varieties of gourmet ‘hawte dogs” including the Pork & Fennel Italian on a toasted brioche roll, American Classic woodsmoked frankfurter on a toasted brioche roll, and German Bratwurst on a rustic roll.

A display case filled with pies draws our attention at Mick’s Bakehouse and the beef, prosciutto and blue cheese is surprisingly a winner with me who haz issues with blue cheese cos woah can this mean my tastebuds are finally changing?

I forsee many visits to the Ragu Wine Bar with antipasto platters and a glass of wine to end the working week. The truffle cheese is heady in aroma and just as delicious and I wish I could have stayed and eaten my body weight in cheese.

We receive the cutest sushi bento box from Sushi Hon which has the longest sushi train in a shopping center in the Southern Hemisphere.

There were quick stops to Nine Mary’s for some tender Chicken Tikka, Pad Thai at Thai Riffic until finally we stop at Sassy’s Red where Simon Goh of Chinta Ria fame decides to see if he can make me explode by first bringing us a plate of crispy Loh Bak and then a packet of Mee Goreng, a bowl of Sago Gula Melaka and finally a plate of fluffy Roti sprinkled with sugar is quickly doused with condensed milk.

Kicking back and staying long past all the shops close, Helen and I chat with the world’s more charismatic man over cups of icy sugar cane juice and then piping hot Teh Tarek, and find ourselves with a limited edition Sassy’s Red tshirt hehe sassy no?

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