The Dip at GOODGOD, Sydney – Closed

  20 May 2011

EDIT: Closed. Do the dip yo! Wednesday saw the opening of The Dip at GOODGOD Bar & Small Club (55 Liverpool St, Chinatown, Sydney). After stalking Dan Hong’s tweets, I randomly stumbled onto a crazy-ass blog by Andrew Levins and remember being mesmerised by a pic of a whole table of hot dogs topped with perfect mustard squiggles. It was at that moment that I realised there was an incredible lack of hot dogs in my life.

Luckily The Dip looks set to increase my hot dog consumption with thanks to @levdawg and the beautiful Bianca of Sandwichface fame.

Helen and I had arrived bright and early to the launch of The Dip and managed to nab a booth which curiously felt like something right out of the Flintstones. Grilled corn on the cob with a lime mayo & chipotle salt is freaking addictive, sweet corn kernels bursting with liquid sunshine and partly tasting like burning (mmm burning) and the lime mayo I could totally have eaten my body weight in. The hand cut fries topped with tomato salsa and white cheese was a great snack with the Kopparberg Cider though would’ve loved it if the cheese was melty? Cmoooon melt!

The squiggle of mustard compels you! Lil Lev’s Dawg- smoked kosher hot dog with chipotle mayo, fresh tomato salsa, grilled yellow peppers and american mustard on a steamed bun. You know you want one. Make that two.

Dinky Damn Skippy- grilled kangaroo & macadamia burger with beetroot and dill mayo. Normally I am not a fan of kangaroo, finding the meat a tad too gamey but this pattie was light and juicy. Tho I had issues with the macadamia bits as I have a thing about textures. Burger why you be crunchy?

Woohoo another Levins creation I’d seen and drooled over- 12hr pulled pork sandwich with apple & cabbage slaw and spicy bbq sauce! Nothing is more glorious than a huge chunk of pork being slowly roasted until fork/finger tender. There is just not enough pulled pork in the world right now! And by ‘world’ I mean Sydney. More pulled pork yo!

Mini Cookies N Cream- salted caramel ice cream between two chocolate molasses cookies. Absolutely the most perfect dessert ever but will definitely have to return for the toffee apples!

BAHAHAHA PHOTOBOMB!!! (Check out Levins photobombs here)

Aaaand despite it being a school night I had managed to convince some other humans to get their dancing shoes out cos woot there was a silent disco out the back in the ‘danceteria’!

The silent disco was just freaking awesome! Armed with headphones, we could flick between 2 channels to listen to different djs broadcasting some pretty crazy tunes from Lady Gaga to Prince to Florence and the Machines to Whitney and even the Batman theme song! You have not lived until you’re in a room full of people bouncing around yelling BATMAAAAN haha not sure if the silent disco event will return (please please please) but it was gold.

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