My Quentin Tarantino Themed Sydney Food Blogger Meet Up

  25 May 2011

OH HAI! Sorry for not posting on Monday dudes but my early birthday/Sydney food blogger meet up was on the weekend and someone had a little too much happy juice heh heh so anyways ever since I watched Gilmore Girls all those year ago, I’ve always wanted a Quentin Tarantino themed party just so I could dress as Kill Bill’s crazy Gogo Yubari. As is fast becoming tradition, I decided to combine my b’day with a meet up with the fabulous Sydney food bloggers at Bartinos Tapas Bar (9 Union St, Pyrmont). (Mad props to Will for the photos, all other images as credited.)

[ Image from Sara ] Squish! Crazy 88 Ninjas! The Bride! Mia! The Bear Jew! Elle Driver! Lt Aldo Raine!

Random Blowup boys in da house!

[ Image from Sara ] Kill Bill Elle Driver galore

Of course there was foods! But um was busy chatting with everyone so not too many photos my bad…

Hiyah! Like my mace? Super last minute I realised I couldn’t find a mace so I bought a bouncy ball from a toy store and painted it in silver and chain is from Bunnings.


[ Image from Sara ] Mmm oysters with champagne jelly


Some norty peeps photobombing haha

Whatchoo looking at?

Oh hullo delicious paella

[ Image from Simon ] Ooh sexy ladies

[ Image from Simon ] Time for cake!

Now this is a knife 😀

Such concentration…

Of course it ain’t a night at Bartinos without his crazy Cachaça!


[ Image from Will the Kill ] And then a night of dancing and shenanigans at Civic 😀

Thank you everyone for coming! I had a blast meeting you all! Roundup:

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