Burrata party

8 June 2011, 07:00

OH HAI! I’m holding a burrata yo! So it all started with a random thought that floated across my brain- wouldn’t it be awesome to have a burrata party?! Immediately some extremely awesome humans jumped on board with the idea of dinner featuring this glorious ball of cheese made of mozzarella and cream. Seriously it is the best thing in the universe when you have like minded friends who share in your food obsessions. Mad props to Jacq and Dan for letting me combine my super late b’day with their housewarming heh heh

Zomgs it’s a wall of burrata! (insert high pitched squeals) Yes I was dancing around the table of awesome like a unicorn spewing rainbows (ring ring hello charlie).

I bought the burrata from Paesanella Cheese Manufacturers (88 Ramsay Rd, Haberfield) at $9 each and it was worth every penny/cent/dollar/moolah. Obvs you need to make friends with salad and have some juicy tomatoes on standby or you will go into a cheese coma heh

Can’t talk, eating. And thanks to awesome planning skillz I had managed to convince people to bring some delicious foods like Helen’s chicken liver parfait Minh’s sweet corn soup, Karen’s bak kwa, Steph’s popcorn macarons with salted caramel, Rita’s berry jellies and of course El Jannah chicken with a truckload of garlic sauce, prosciutto, Portuguese custard tarts, Pasticceria Papa’s ricotta cheesecake and cannoli.

ohohohoho jelly shots!

A crazy game of pictionary and some rounds of poker with some awesome peeps = ♥



  1. Kudos to you for making it through a whole burrata. Can’t say that I was able to do the same!

    Fun times as always. Will have to be wary playing against you if money is ever on the table :)

    Simon @ the heart of food    Jun 8, 08:26 AM    #

  2. Hehe… Can’t talk, eating.. Love how we all just sat down and everything was quiet. Thanks for organising the party and bringing the burrata, it was good!

    And sorry for making us travel around the world before getting there :p

    Phuoc'n Delicious    Jun 8, 09:16 AM    #

  3. Heehee so much food, jello and unicorns! Loved it, yay for your super organising skills!

    Steph    Jun 8, 10:18 AM    #

  4. So. Much. Burrata.
    Good times!

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Jun 8, 10:35 AM    #

  5. I’ve never had burrata before….can’t wait to see your oozy photos.
    Must try some burrata soon

    Brenda    Jun 8, 10:40 AM    #

  6. Burrata party is the best idea! YUM…..to indulge in burrata is one of the highlights of life, nothing (in the cheese world) beats it except for a mozzarella degustation at Obika. That is something you need to check out next time you jet set somewhere!

    Trish (forque)    Jun 8, 11:45 AM    #

  7. I think I love burrata more than life.. Fun : )

    tanja (iheartmyfood)    Jun 8, 12:17 PM    #

  8. At first I thought it was supposed to be a burrito.. BUT from reading this post, you’ve now convinced me to try it!

    Mary    Jun 8, 01:21 PM    #

  9. Ring ring, hello? Charlie, Charlie?

    That burrata almost defeated me! So creamy, mmmm…

    mademoiselle delicieuse    Jun 8, 01:25 PM    #

  10. This looks like loads of fun, and very cheesy :P sounds like you had an extended birthday celebrations :)

    muppy    Jun 8, 01:53 PM    #

  11. Such a great idea! Every party needs a wall of burrata.

    Lee Tran    Jun 8, 03:29 PM    #

  12. such a wonderful idea! love burrata!!!!

    gastronomous anonymous    Jun 8, 03:32 PM    #

  13. The cupcake earrings are adorable :)

    Dumpling Girl    Jun 8, 03:47 PM    #

  14. Oh. My. God. I want to dive into that plate of burrata. Love your blog and thank you for adding me to your list!

    Anna @ The Littlest Anchovy    Jun 8, 03:53 PM    #

  15. Oh gawd burrata. So. Much. Creaminess! Mad props for polishing a whole one when others I.e. me, failed miserably.

    Multiple food comas with you guys; always a blast!

    Karen | C&C    Jun 8, 05:16 PM    #

  16. i want balls of cheesee… :)

    irene    Jun 8, 05:35 PM    #

  17. Ahhh good timmmess, awesome cheese and… fist bump ADVENTURE TIME!

    FFichiban    Jun 8, 07:19 PM    #

  18. haha so much awesomeness! thanks for bringing the burrata! next time more jelly shots and more poker hehe

    “look out for the blehblehbleh!!”

    Jacq    Jun 8, 09:40 PM    #

  19. OMG El Jannah FTW! Glad you had an awesome time, but then how can you not when cheese is involved?

    JasmyneTea    Jun 9, 12:08 AM    #

  20. I love your blog soooo much!!! OMGGGGGG I live in Haberfield….soooo off to buy some Burrata’s…dying to try some…thank you for all the yummy dood ideas to make & places to eat – you rock!! :)

    — Su    Jun 9, 03:29 AM    #

  21. awww man i wanna go to a burrata party!!!!!

    catty    Jun 9, 08:04 AM    #

  22. yum jelo shotz

    betty    Jun 9, 11:28 AM    #

  23. OMG I just had to comment because this is quite possibly the greatest idea EVER! It’s like a party celebrating all of my favourite things – kudos to you for making your dream happen!

    Lorna Diwa    Jun 9, 05:52 PM    #

  24. Cheese and board games, cheese and board games! I want to go to there!

    Hannah    Jun 10, 03:20 PM    #

  25. Oh god that unicorn video was hilarious!

    — Rina    Jun 15, 02:25 AM    #

  26. Yum! I love Burrata and so excited that there’s a supplier just down the road in Haberfield!

    Michelle    Jun 15, 09:44 AM    #

  27. That’s a pretty great feature item for a party! Love burrata.

    Su-Lin    Jun 30, 05:25 AM    #

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