Burrata party

  8 June 2011

OH HAI! I’m holding a burrata yo! So it all started with a random thought that floated across my brain- wouldn’t it be awesome to have a burrata party?! Immediately some extremely awesome humans jumped on board with the idea of dinner featuring this glorious ball of cheese made of mozzarella and cream. Seriously it is the best thing in the universe when you have like minded friends who share in your food obsessions. Mad props to Jacq and Dan for letting me combine my super late b’day with their housewarming heh heh

Zomgs it’s a wall of burrata! (insert high pitched squeals) Yes I was dancing around the table of awesome like a unicorn spewing rainbows (ring ring hello charlie).

I bought the burrata from Paesanella Cheese Manufacturers (88 Ramsay Rd, Haberfield) at $9 each and it was worth every penny/cent/dollar/moolah. Obvs you need to make friends with salad and have some juicy tomatoes on standby or you will go into a cheese coma heh

Can’t talk, eating. And thanks to awesome planning skillz I had managed to convince people to bring some delicious foods like Helen’s chicken liver parfait Minh’s sweet corn soup, Karen’s bak kwa, Steph’s popcorn macarons with salted caramel, Rita’s berry jellies and of course El Jannah chicken with a truckload of garlic sauce, prosciutto, Portuguese custard tarts, Pasticceria Papa’s ricotta cheesecake and cannoli.

ohohohoho jelly shots!

A crazy game of pictionary and some rounds of poker with some awesome peeps = ♥

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