Super Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies

13 June 2011, 00:45

OH HAI! So ok, it all started with this super cute Cookie Monster hoodie that the awesome Richard got for my b’day (from Jay Jays) and ever since then I’ve just been thinking about chocolate chip cookies non stop. The PERFECT chocolate chip cookie. You know, crunchy on the edges but awesomely chewy in the centre with huge chunks of chocolate throughout?

3 recipes and 5 dozen cookies later, I finally decided on my fav recipe found on Serious Eats which was an adapted version of a Jacques Torres recipe. I’ve tweaked it a bit mainly because US measurements are a bit off and also because I wanted to use 1 less bowl… Ok ready? This recipe makes about 60 cookies which is heaps but hey sharing is caring!

280g butter (if you’re using salted butter leave out the extra salt) room temp
1⅓ cups brown sugar
1 cup caster sugar
2 large eggs
2 tsp vanilla extract
3 cups plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
400g chocolate (you can use choc chips but I like chopping chocolate up)

First preheat oven to 165C (fan forced). Then the most important step in all of cookie making: creaming the butter and sugar properly!!! Beat your 280g room temp butter with the 1⅓ cups brown sugar and the 1 cup caster sugar, scraping down the sides of the bowl until mixture becomes light and fluffy (min 5mins yo!)

Add the 2 eggs and the 2 tsp vanilla extract and beat well.

If you can be bothered grab a bowl and mix together the 3 cups plain flour, 1tsp baking powder, 1tsp baking soda and 1tsp salt. If not, dump in the flour in the mixer and sprinkle the rest over the flour. Beat mixture on low speed until just combined.

Chop up 400g chocolate. I will not judge you if you prefer white/milk/dark chocolate in your cookies. Also you can totes use choc chips instead of chopping your chocolate but for some reason I really like taking out my rage on the chopping board :P Anywhos once you’ve chopped up your chocolate (or ripped open the choc chip bag) whack it into your bowl and stir until mixture is combined.

If your dough is heaps soft, wrap it in cling wrap and chuck it in the fridge for a coupla hours to harden up. If the dough is ok roll tablespoon sized balls of cookie dough (doesn’t have to be perfect balls) and place at least 3cm apart on tray lined with a silpat liner or parchment paper. Bake until cookies are golden around the edges and cooked through, but still soft, 8-10 minutes (obvs all ovens are different so for your first batch watch your oven). Let the cookies cool for 3 to 5 minutes on the pan and then transfer to a wire rack and cool further before storing.

Seriously these cookies are out of this world. Like Subway cookies!




  1. Great Recipe! I love chocolate chip cookies. I could probably eat the Cookie Tower in one go.

    eatmarvin    Jun 13, 01:05 AM    #

  2. lol I can see the glint in your eye as you hunch over the chopping board.

    and you forgot to mention that ‘cookies are a sometime treat’. lol

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Jun 13, 01:05 AM    #

  3. Cookie monster hoodie is so cute. The cookies you finalised on look so delicous.

    Sara @ Belly Rumbles    Jun 13, 01:32 AM    #

  4. I still have your card hahaha mmmmm C is for cookie…

    FFichiban    Jun 13, 02:14 AM    #


    Iron Chef Shellie    Jun 13, 09:49 AM    #

  6. Wooo go the cookie tower! So pretty, so yummy!

    john@heneedsfood    Jun 13, 10:11 AM    #

  7. I only started reading food blogs at the beginning of the week and I just love yours. I really like how you make it fun and personal

    — maree    Jun 13, 10:39 AM    #

  8. Definitely will have to try this….I’ve been in search of the perfect chocolate chip since I could bake!

    Brenda    Jun 13, 11:16 AM    #

  9. omg I love subway cookies! must try this recipe if that’s what they taste like :)

    Jacq    Jun 13, 11:25 AM    #

  10. yum!! just right in time with my choc chip cookies cravings!

    Melissa    Jun 13, 11:45 AM    #

  11. man your cookies look perfect! i can never seem to get my choc chip cookies looking as round and flat as this!

    vivienne    Jun 13, 12:25 PM    #

  12. So cute Suze… mmmhh cookies and milk whilst studying .. effective

    Dolly    Jun 13, 12:51 PM    #

  13. Yum, homemade Subway cookies… though i’ll definitely be using the choc chip variation!

    jenius    Jun 13, 01:41 PM    #

  14. Yum, i’ve been looking for subway-ish cookie recipes and i’m going to give this one a try this Thursday.
    Thanks! :)

    Cynthia    Jun 13, 03:04 PM    #

  15. Mmmmm.. nothing beats a good old fashioned choc chip cookie! Totally LOVE your hoodie by the way!!!

    Ladybird    Jun 13, 03:05 PM    #

  16. chopping chocolate is so satisfying.

    Laura    Jun 13, 03:26 PM    #

  17. ooooooh yum! I can’t believe I used to use packaged cookie doughs, never again!

    Jenny (minibites)    Jun 13, 03:28 PM    #

  18. OK lady! I am so sending u my address… I want some!!!

    Jackie B    Jun 13, 04:18 PM    #

  19. Yeah! A cookie post – I love cookies just as much as the monster does and chocolate chip is a favourite. Great hoodie by the way!

    bhavani/ameanderingmango    Jun 13, 04:56 PM    #

  20. 400g of chocolate! Those are some seriously chocolaty cookies!

    Richard Elliot    Jun 13, 05:06 PM    #

  21. now i want some cookies!! they look sooooo delicious !

    irene    Jun 13, 05:58 PM    #

  22. OOh!! Love chewy-centred cookies! I wonder how they keep though? Do they end up crunchy after a couple of days?

    Tammi    Jun 13, 07:01 PM    #

  23. I remember in high school I was on a mission to perfect chocolate chip cookies! I need to try these and see how they compare to my old recipe… which probably wasn’t that epic :P

    Hannah    Jun 13, 10:38 PM    #

  24. yum! i only recently found a choc chip recipe i’m happy with (thanks nigella) and the best tip was to freeze the balls of dough so that you just have to put frozen balls on a tray and they are ready to bake, yay instant choc chip cookies for emergencies :D

    muppy    Jun 14, 09:27 AM    #

  25. Oooh, yum. I love the chewy softness of the Subway ones…!

    Tina@foodboozeshoes    Jun 14, 09:43 AM    #

  26. Cookies sweating lovehearts! Hope you managed to locate some appreciative eaters for them :)

    shez    Jun 14, 10:27 AM    #

  27. yum they look great suze

    betty    Jun 14, 01:39 PM    #

  28. I’m definately going to make this! THANKS for sharing!

    Mary@ohmykitchenaid    Jun 14, 04:52 PM    #

  29. Yum! Cookie Monster happy!

    OohLookBel    Jun 14, 11:10 PM    #

  30. subway cookies are my favourite cookies in the whole wide world! i might just try this recipe… fanks man!

    catty    Jun 15, 01:13 AM    #

  31. Hello susan i just wanna say im really amazed on how you deliver your blogs here. Its pretty good and addicting too. I learned a lot especially on food theme. Hope we could meet. :)

    vancouver guy    Jun 15, 04:02 PM    #

  32. These looks AMAZING! Gorgeous pics too.

    <a href=></a>

    Michelle    Jun 24, 10:28 PM    #

  33. I’m no skilled baker but these turned out great! Even though I did slack off and use choc chips haha. Thanks ChocolateSuze :)

    — candice    Aug 1, 01:24 PM    #

  34. This cookie base is similar to mine but I add in almond meal and finely ground oats. Also I use one egg + milk rather than 2 eggs. I made popcorn cookies based on this and they turn out really chewy and crunchy at the same time!

    thehomefoodcook    Jun 5, 12:54 PM    #

  35. These cookies are the best!
    I have been baking these for a while now and have never turned out bad. They taste WAY better than the subway cookies, so moist and delicious. Thank you so much for this recipe “Chocolate Suze” ;)
    But the cookies have a lot of butter in them so i reduce the amount of butter to 200g instead of 280g :D

    — Brooke    Jul 7, 03:08 PM    #

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