Ad Lib, Double Bay – Closed

  15 June 2011

Edit: CLOSED It’s so purdy at Ad Lib (21 Bay St, Double Bay) with crisp white tablecloths and sparkling glassware, the naturally bright, airy room is everybody’s dream restaurant and with to-die-for food.

Duck Liver Parfait, Onion Marmalade ($17). Smoooooth oh so smooth! The paper thin slices of bread accompanying the parfait was deliciously crisp but definitely not enough and when I tried to portion my parfait and slather it on the toast I inevitably broke it, sending a shower of crumbs onto the table oops. Loved the jar but when I reached the bottom I was dying to shove a piece of soft bread into it to wipe up the remnants. Cos I’m classy like that.

Steak Tartare (small, $22). Just as I have had a crazy obsession with Reuben sandwiches and chicken/duck parfaits for the past coupla months, Noods has been getting this crazy glint in his eye whenever he hears about steak tartare. It’s amusing because he hardly ever gets excited about food unless it’s a giant steak. Or a ramen challenge.

Mix, mix away! Yeahhhh! ♥♥♥

Spring Bay Mussels, Champagne, Cream, Leeks ($28) arrives piled so high we stare in awe at the mountain of mussels. Seriously check that out yo! Mountain! Mount Mussel! The boy let out a chortle before diving into the mountain and reducing it to a pile of shells in mere minutes. I couldn’t resist and had to nick a mussel even though I am of the non mussel fan club and yet I fell in love with the super soft and juicy bivalve covered in a light sauce that was made even more addictive with the side of fries the waitress so successfully up-sold to us.

French Fries & Mayonnaise ($10). Perfectly salted fries but could’ve been slightly crisper, would’ve loved aioli instead of mayo but they did the job of soaking up the mussel juices (hee Gilmore Girls reference)

Braised Rangers Valley Beef Cheek, Creamed Potatoes ($32). You know what’s perfect for this crummy weather Sydney has been having? The beef cheeks! And oh boy were they incredibly rich and filling! I don’t know what other synonym I can use to convey that it was JUST SO TENDER! Like, angels blessed it with tenderness! The potatoes, not so much, I mean yeah they were creamed but they had a weird crust like it’d been sitting there for too long and before you say it no I didn’t take ages with my photos! I’m of the point and shoot and hope for the best category heh

Oh hello sir, feel free to give me a bigger scoop of dessert!

Our Chocolate Mousse ($12). I’d heard stories about Ad Lib’s chocolate mousse. “They scoop the mousse at the table from a giant platter and it’s amaaaaazing.” And it was. Like, perfectly chocolatey and the lightest chocolate mousse you can possibly imagine. Light clouds of chocolate. Chocolate clouds. Lined with chocolate shavings. You know, just to tip you over into oh god its soooo delicious if I were to die right now I’d be happy. I still have dreams about this chocolate mousse. It’s on my top 5 favourite food dreams alongside sleeping in a bed made of cheese. Did I mention there was also a very generous scoop of double cream? And chocolate wafers? Perfect ending to a perfect meal.

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