Glass Brasserie at Hilton, Sydney

  21 June 2011

We were on a mission. A mission to try out steak tartare. And so the boy and I found ourselves at Glass Brasserie (Level 2 Hilton, 488 George St, Sydney). We were gearing up for an ‘interesting’ not so great month and decided we might as well splurge on a fabulous meal and fabulous it was!

Pan fried goose foie gras, scallop, quince, hazelnuts, spiced bread ($37). Oh man so much lobe. That wasn’t a typo heh. It was a lobe full of love. Fatty love. I love you lobe! Slightly crisp edges giving way to unctuous innards, I wanted to lick the plate clean! It was like meat flavoured butter! It was just THAT delicious though I had issues with the hazelnuts which were candied. Normally I heart candied hazelnuts but the toffee coating totes stuck to my teeth which made me worry for my fillings. A side of spiced bread also came with the foie gras and tasted awesomely like gingerbread but kinda made me wish it came for dessert haha my tastebuds got all kinds of confused!

Classic steak tartare ($27). Noods is almost fanatical about his steak tartare now! If he sees it on a menu it’s all he’ll talk about non stop until it arrives. Personally I think it’s just cos he likes playing with the condiments 😛

<3 watching someone enjoying their food!

David Blackmore Wagyu best end of rump 9+, beef cheek bourguignon, roasted bone marrow, grilled asparagus, mash ($125). We were in the mood for a bit of a splurge and decided we might as well go full hog cow and get the Wagyu platter to share and by golly be still my heart! The ginormous platter arrived with its own stand and the lovely waitress carefully portioned out our foods 50/50. Tho really i ended up having to pass Noods half my food cos um I get full quite fast and after the deliciously fatty foie gras my heart pretty much skipped a beat at the bone marrow OMGS sooo fatty! Is this the richest, fattiest dinner I’ve ever had?? The uneasy twitching in my heart says yes but ah my stomach was so very happy.

The beef cheek was incredible, each forkful just exploded with delicious beef-y juices and the slices of Wagyu just melted in the mouth. And not that I’m complaining but the mash had so much butter in it that it should have been called butter with a side of potato. Totally how I love my mash but all that richness made me reach for the aspargus and assorted mushrooms which were were grilled in MORE BUTTER.

Coconut, rhubarb & lime bombe Alaska ($18). And then there was dessert. The boy couldn’t resist the bombe alaska after watching one too many eps of Masterchef (go team Billy!) but somehow this just didn’t quite live up to the epicness of the savoury foods we’d just eaten. The shavings of coconut were pretty to look at but weren’t too flavourful, almost like it had had it’s coconut life sucked out of it. The rhubarb was a welcome vegetable and while I’m not a huge fan of eggwhite-y marshmallow concoctions the boy managed to demolish the dessert just in time for my dessert.

The Toffee soufflé with pecan butter ice cream ($20) has a 20min preparation time so when I had ordered this I had asked for the bombe alaska to arrive first because I have patience issues&#8230; And look at the height on this baby! I can just imagine someone sitting in front of the oven door and staring at the souffle and cackling RISE MY PRETTY RISE! No? Am I the only one that does that? Whatever, it was delish, light and airy and the pecan ice cream just perfect.

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