The Norfolk Hotel on Cleveland, Surry Hills

  29 June 2011

Seems like Mexican food is all the rage these days. Check out our table of foods! We were at the Norfolk Hotel on Cleveland (305 Cleveland St, Surry Hills) to check out the $3 tacos. Oh how I heart taco Tuesdays! (Side note: it’s ribs night on Thursdays!)

A quick gander at the menu and the bar snacks looked too awesome to resist (as compared to the normal mains menu) and the suggestion of ordering one of everything was quickly confirmed by our group of 7. Order and pay at the bar and food will find its way to your table whether you be perched on a bar stool, in a cozy booth on the main floor or clustered upstairs on the mezzanine level with the pool table.

Jugs of deliciously sweet alcoholic beverages are $30 and comes with a crazy huge wooden spoon. There was also beer. Note to future self: I don’t like Becks! There was also cans of grape Welchs which I was insanely jealous of and knew to stay away from the tequila shots until I had eaten 😛

$3 tacos! Chicken, fish and beef up the back. There was also a pork taco which came later so I er forgot to take a pic and we didn’t get the vegie taco cos um that’s just not on (right Minh?). Super loved the braised beef taco with its rich, tender meaty nubbins! There was a twitter special running that if you ate 10 tacos you’d get free beer but next time my precioussss

Bbq’d sweet corn with chipotle mayo, queso cheese and lime ($5.50) was freaking addictive with each kernel bursting in corn juice. Mmm corn juice.

Now normally I hate pickles. Can’t stand em. Get them outta my cheeseburgers yo! But there they were on the menu with the magical words of DEEP FRIED. Majority of the table didn’t like pickles but I was just so curious about them and I think i was expecting the smaller sized pickles but ohoho what landed was a plate with about 10 pickle halves ($7.50) coated in the most delicious batter I have ever eaten. Seriously the batter was awesome! Piping hot straight from the deep fryer and slightly sweet, the batter would’ve been perfect for deep fried bananas. Or mars bars. You bet I peeled the batter off! All class.

Hot dog sliders with bacon, sweet mustard relish, pickled cucumber, crispy onions and jalapeno sauerkraut ($7.50) Squeeee how cute are the hotdogs!!! Perfect looking specimens but I think prefer The Dip’s smoky dawg

Dan’s awesome attempt at cutting the mini hotdogs into 7 pieces haha good effort

Pork belly crackling and slaw roll with fries ($8.50) was disappointingly devoid of crackle. Or I managed to get the piece that didn’t have crackle attached. Um.

Salt & pepper squid ($14) was your typical bar snack but made awesome with the spicy jalapeno aioli. That was one spicy dip man! Burrrrrrning

As spicy as the jalapeno aioli was, nothing prepared me for the Fried chicken wings with hot sauce and red eye mayo ($12.50) OMG BURNING!!! I’d just assumed it would be the sauce that was gonna be hot so I took a massive bite and my brain nearly exploded. The chicken is freaking covered in chili! So ok maybe it wasn’t that hot but I am super chili fail haha

Potato skins with bacon, cheddar, ranch, scallions ($9) were so delicious we ended up getting a second round because we were fighting over the last ones haha each potato half had tender potato innards and crisp baked skin, the ranch dressing was generously dolloped on and the bacon bits were just awesome cos who doesn’t love bacon?

Annnnd lastly there was this crazy ass burger: Chip roll with fries, cheese, chipotle, mayo and diced bacon and more fries ($7.50). Awesome right? A burger filled with fries and covered in gooey cheese. Yeahhh carb overload!

Sadly there were no desserts so we made do with tequilla shots. Cos it’s Friday Tuesday!


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