Ma’leisia Cafe, Parramatta – Closed

  11 July 2011

Edit: CLOSED When Shaun mentioned on the twittersphere about a new Malaysian cafe that just opened up in my hood my ears (and stomach) perked up. Ma’leisia Cafe (5/2 Horwood Pl, Parramatta) is open during the week day and for lunch on Saturdays. There is no teh tarik or kopi-o so the boy and I start with an Ais kacang ($4.90) which is drenched in rose syrup and contains hidden nubbins of rambutan, grass jelly, red beans and topped with a dollop of sweet corn.

Ma’leisia kaya on toast ($3.90) woooooot easy access to kaya on toast at loooong last! Yeah baby yeah! I asked for extra kaya on the side (not sure if there was extra charge) and while not super pandan-y, it was deeeelicious!

Ma’leisia Ipoh Chicken Rice (lunch special $8.90) was perfect. Fragrant chicken rice with tender, juicy pieces of chicken topped with fried garlic. The accompanying soup was fragrant but the bed of bean sprouts was pushed away, unwanted. I haz issues with bean sprouts. Just like how I haz issues with raisins in my cookies.

Chicken Curry Laksa (lunch special $8.90) was crazy spicy, even for the boy. I think we are much too used to laksa lemak which is rich in coconut milk so this laksa felt like we should be eating it with roti haha

Ma’leisia signature Nasi Lemak (lunch special $10.90). The fried chicken had unfortch sold out so I chose the salt & pepper calamari which curiously looked a lil like they’d come from a packet- such perfect looking scrolls! Golden and crunchy the moreish calamari was perfect after a crazy Friday night out.

Roti Canai ($7.90) comes with a choice of curry chicken or beef and 2 pieces of delicious roti. The curry is perfect for a winter day, a rich gravy begging for pieces of roti to be dipped into.

Cendol ($4.90) arrives in a tall glass which messes with my coordination when trying to dig out the pandan noodles. It was a little heavy on the coconut milk and I had issues with the red beans haha but not bad still shiok 😛

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