Macarons at Cafe Cre Asion, Surry Hills

20 July 2011, 05:12

cafe cre asion
Watch out Zumbo, there’s a new kid on the block! Café Cre Asion (21 Alberta Street, Surry Hills) opened in June, the tiny teahouse featuring macarons with flavours that are just crazy awesome.

cafe cre asion
Owner Yu Sasaki, a trained chef, has worked for the past two years with Christine Manfield at Universal Café. There’s a macaron dedicated to her called the ‘Dear Chris’ which is hazelnut praline with a milk chocolate ganache and is based on her famous Golden Gaytime dessert.

cafe cre asion
The proximity of this cafe to my work is so freaking dangerous… Look at dem pretties! They’re calling to me! The macaron compels you!

cafe cre asion
It is a teensy tiny cafe with only enough seating for 8. As well as the macarons, Yu bakes brioche, sourdough and foccacia on the premises so a small range of savouries are available justifying my lunchtime walk lol

Macarons are a bit on the pricey side at $2.70 each however if you buy more you’ll um save more :P A box of 8 macarons is $19 and a box of 14 is $30. edit: price has increased to box of 14 for $40.

Macaron stackage!!! So like, I got 1 of each flavour that was left plus an extra pistachio which was freaking delicious. Usually pistachio flavoured things aren’t pistachio-y enough ya know? But this one was awesome. So was the lemonade even though it tasted more like lemon curd which is still awesome cos I heart lemon curd.

cafe cre asion

Flavours: lemonade, cranberry, orange lime, caramel, coffee, cassis, white miso, dear chris, pistachio, green tea, red bean, dark chocolate and vanilla. Warning the flavours change each day!

Special mention to the coffee macaron which was like eating a coffee bean and could possibly replace my daily coffee hehe the cassis was delish cos I’d been craving for something blackcurrant-y. The orange lime was refreshing if there is such a thing for a macaron, like Schwepps in macaron form!

cafe cre asion
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Cafe Cre Asion trading hours:
Mon-Fri: 7-4
Sat: 8.30-4
Sun: Closed.

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  1. The more the merrier!

    Fiona    Jul 20, 08:31 AM    #

  2. OMG! I am so going there this week! I heart macarons!!! Dear Chris and white miso sounds interesting!

    Ramen Raff    Jul 20, 09:24 AM    #

  3. I wish I could have yummy places like this dangerously close to where I work! Or maybe it’s good that I don’t have the temptation…I want the cassis one!

    Steph    Jul 20, 09:49 AM    #

  4. Mmm yummy. Macarons are so addictively awesome. Good luck trying to resist the temptation! I know I couldnt :)

    Apple @Polkadotsandchopsticks    Jul 20, 09:59 AM    #

  5. I am in a macaron phase and these look ahhhhhhhmazing! If only I were near such a place. Although it could be a good thing I’m not or else I’d be there every day…….

    Tina @ bitemeshowme    Jul 20, 10:00 AM    #

  6. i LOVE THIS PLACE! the coffee is superb, and so is their green tea. i really do like their macarons here too… way too close to home! DANGEROUS!

    gastronomous anonymous    Jul 20, 10:19 AM    #

  7. :( my little heart is breaking. no where in canberra does interesting/weird/wacky macaraon flavours. it’s a tragedy.
    please take me macaron hunting on my next sydney trippppppppp. pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeee.

    Lizzi    Jul 20, 10:34 AM    #

  8. yes to pistachio green tea and redbean, no to cranberry!

    betty    Jul 20, 10:39 AM    #

  9. Macaron craziness in your (work) hood! Oh my, this could be dangerous…

    Tina@foodboozeshoes    Jul 20, 10:55 AM    #

  10. Love the macaron!!! They all look so pretty!!!! Will have to put this on the list of places to visit now!!! Thanks Suze for letting us know!!!

    CateCanCook    Jul 20, 11:02 AM    #

  11. Whoa! Macaron heaven! Pistachio flavoured ones are my fave.

    MJ    Jul 20, 11:20 AM    #

  12. Nope this is definitely healthier than frozen yoghurt :P

    Hannah    Jul 20, 11:55 AM    #

  13. That cafe is so ridiculously cute!! Saturday visit here I come :D

    Minh    Jul 20, 12:11 PM    #

  14. $2.70 is cheaper than zumbo! It isn’t a bad price considering other cafes are going $3-$3.50 especially when they are MACHINE MADE like this place I know :X I love the mad choice selection though wow oh wow golden gaytime

    Secretsunday    Jul 20, 12:33 PM    #

  15. Wow! I think I need to get myself over there and try some if those awesome Macarons. I’ve tried making them myself but so far no good :(

    Nic    Jul 20, 01:17 PM    #

  16. Ooooo yay! Another mac place to check out. Gaytime-flavour mac would be totally awesome!

    Phuoc'n Delicious    Jul 20, 01:26 PM    #

  17. Yum! This place is right near me too! I had their cassis macaron the other day with a green tea cap – very nice!

    The Food Mentalist    Jul 20, 01:36 PM    #

  18. This post has made my day, I so have to come here ASAP! It’s a bit far for from my office this is the kind of place worth trekking for :)

    jack    Jul 20, 02:24 PM    #

  19. OMG i have to go here… i’m gonna come back to melbourne looking like a macaron.

    yes i hear you re the pistachio macaron! always dissapointing.

    Iron Chef Shellie    Jul 20, 02:31 PM    #

  20. Aww you are such a sweetie for sharing! Wish I worked with you ;)

    Sneh | Cook Republic    Jul 20, 03:07 PM    #

  21. Omg! How did I not know about this place?! I love Universal’s Gaytime so I’m dying to try the macaron version of it.

    Jen    Jul 20, 03:08 PM    #

  22. I want the white one with the pretty pink speckles. I am 5 mins away from there, must have lunch there as soon as this weather gets a bit more stable.

    Dumpling Girl    Jul 20, 04:53 PM    #

  23. And I have to say my favourite was pistachio. Thank you for sharing the love my dear Suze. Wouldn’t want to work with anybody but my dear food blogger friend.

    — Anna    Jul 20, 06:04 PM    #

  24. hmm suze do you take orders? haha I love the macaron display, it’s so pretty! seriously craving macarons right now

    Jacq    Jul 20, 07:47 PM    #

  25. im lucky in a way that i work in boring old wynyard and there isn’t anything like this near me (unless i take a stroll to baroque!) – look sooooo yum – maybe i’ll take a stroll on a saturday!

    daphne    Jul 20, 10:19 PM    #

  26. look at those gorgeous macarons! definately have to check it out sometime soon!

    Melissa    Jul 20, 11:29 PM    #

  27. Coffee coffee coffee!! I’m dangerous in those places – both my tummy and wallet will suffer! Mmmm how was the white miso? Very interesting!

    Trisha    Jul 20, 11:30 PM    #

  28. OMG! I love macarons! The spread looks really good. I wish I lived closer to goodies like these. Where I live, I only get mediocre pastries so I have to rely on my own baking..or travel further..sigh..arent u a lucky gal! :)

    Lay    Jul 21, 01:22 AM    #

  29. They are sooo pretty! And $2.70 is a far cry from the prices where I work, $3.50!! Oh well we do it for the loooove!

    Gianna    Jul 21, 09:04 AM    #

  30. I love the cut macaron shot – how did you not just eat them?! and they sell brioche, mmmmmmm i want to go!!!

    muppy    Jul 21, 10:59 AM    #

  31. uh ohhhhh
    i can walk there from my new job in under 10 minutes.

    emma    Jul 21, 12:01 PM    #

  32. i just died and went to macaron heaven after reading this. they look so yummeh!!!

    chiamay    Jul 21, 02:14 PM    #

  33. i love the halved shot, it’s cute.

    laura    Jul 21, 04:02 PM    #

  34. you have started a ridonkulous obsession.

    shaun@everybodylovesramen    Jul 21, 04:30 PM    #

  35. omg have been having a macaron craving but don’t have any time to make them atm. These actually look pretty good and the flavours sound awesome. I think Zumbo definately has a contender here.

    angie    Jul 21, 11:28 PM    #

  36. Definitely gotta try this place

    Lil    Jul 21, 11:34 PM    #

  37. I am so there! you sold me at Macarons (Title) Im guessing the white one with pink sparkles is Cranberry? it sounds divine!

    iheartchai    Jul 21, 11:40 PM    #

  38. omg must get here soon! have you dropped hints about them offering a popcorn macaron?!

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Jul 21, 11:51 PM    #

  39. Oh my goodness. I think I am in love! I work in Surry Hills too so this could be a dangerous to my waistline.

    Sophie AKA Miss Sweet @    Jul 22, 01:24 PM    #

  40. These flavours sound amazing! I’ll have to check it out this weekend – I walked past last weekend and didn’t even notice – d’oh!!

    Karen    Jul 22, 01:50 PM    #

  41. he looks so young! since it’s a teahouse, i assumed he would be in his mid 40s!! weeeee sugar hit :D

    Vivian - vxdollface    Jul 22, 02:09 PM    #

  42. So many pretty pastel colours!

    mademoiselle délicieuse    Jul 24, 01:16 AM    #

  43. aw just when my work moved away from Surry Hills, dammmmmn :(

    Jenny (minibites)    Jul 24, 10:22 PM    #

  44. Cute little place isn’t it? I notice more and more people in there everytime I pop by and the owner so deserves it – he’s so sweet & smiley!

    Forager    Jul 28, 10:30 AM    #

  45. Tried this place today!! AMAZING. And I just love the feel of the cafe. The staff seem extremely humble and zen-like!

    Lil    Aug 27, 10:16 PM    #

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