Linda & Howard's Engagement Party

  19 September 2011

Well that was a crazy week huh? I think it’s just gonna get even more crazier the nearer it gets to Christmas (97 days to go woot!) Again, my bad with the random postings but I’m losing my blog mojo and while I have still been eating like crazy I just require massive amounts of sleep and writing about food always makes me hungry in the middle of the night lawl. Anywhos over the weekend the fabulous Linda and Howard from the very awesome blog Eat Show and Tell recently got engaged and they threw an amazeballs engagement party. Zomg it was totes pretty with twinkly fairy lights strung up in the backyard, lanterns and candles everywhere and beautiful flowers in wine bottles on every table.

Muahahaha oh how I love psychedelic jelly shots in all the colours of the rainbow

As well as a margarita bar that was pumping out delish lychee and ‘ghettoritas’ there was beer and assorted drinks stashed in this awesomely old skool treasure chest

Food bloggers are super awesome humans

Howie and Linda = Honda. No I didn’t come up with that hahaha and lawl they’re holding this massive baked salmon which was freaking delicious but it’s hiding behind the flowers oops. The food was just craycray starting off with canapes of beautifully lightly battered calamari, oysters, momofuku pork buns (omgssss) and halloumi. On the tables were huge bowls of potato salad topped with bacon bits, pear & rocket salad with sweet nubbins of caramelised walnuts, caprese salad, and making the rounds were the lemony salmon, smokey ribs aaaaaand…

BOXES OF THE MOST INCREDIBLE FRIED CHICKEN EVERRRRR! Linda’s fried chicken is like totally out of this world. Definitely puts any other fried chicken to shame! I have dreams about this fried chicken…

But ah must save room for the dessert buffet! Ooooh baby brownies, cake pops, cheesecake, creme brulee tarts, pavlova, cupcakes, lemon meringue tarts, salted caramels, peanut brittle AND MACARONS!!! ♥♥♥ the popcorn and salted caramel macs!!!

Teehee one too many jelly shots makes us something something. Congratulations Linda and Howie!

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