Merry Christmas!

  22 December 2011

Muahaha every year we take a photo with Santa lols woohoo 2 more sleeps to go! Hope you guys have an awesome Christmas with friends and family and lotsa food! As for me, there will be an epic feast at the brother unit’s place, where there will be much eats mmm cannot wait!

Quick pic of our tree with our unconventional tree toppers… Raymond Raving Rabbid cracks me up every time

The reason our tree is bare of presents is we uh kinda opened them already… the pink blur is my new robot vacuum cleaner from the parental units. I named it Roger. I’m gonna buy giant googly eyes to stick on him 😀

The boy managed to find Duff beer! Duff beer for meeee Duff beer for youuuu I’ll have a Duff you have one twooo teehee (Choice Liquor at North Rocks, $57 now don’t say I never help)

Andddd our days off will be spent vegging out in front of the teevee and seeing who is the better monopoly player haha (it’s me I swear lol)

Take care ya’ll and I’ll see you guys next week where there will be a crazy donut recipe that I’m dying to share!

P.s Noods says Merry Christmas!

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