Super Easy Bacon Topped Maple Glazed Baked Donuts

8 January 2012, 18:54

Woohoo pile o donuts! And what’s better? They gots bacon! Bacon just makes me oh so happy! If bacon make you happy too then gosh darn you gotta make these babies! They’re so freaking easy I think I could make them with my eyes closed. Well not really but these definitely fit into the category of super easy.

Another look of the deliciousness that is just within your reach teehee

The below is a basic baked donut recipe found here and with some tweaks I’ve made them with a maple glaze frosting and topped with crispy bacon bits.

For the donuts:
2 cups plain flour
3/4 cup sugar
2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp salt
3/4 cup milk
2 eggs
10g butter
4 rashers bacon

For the glaze:
1 cup icing sugar
1 Tbsp hot water
1/4 cup maple syrup

First up, bake your bacon for about 20mins on 160C or until crispy. I have issues with frying so I prefer baking and the bacon is more awesome crispy.

Combine all donut ingredients, beat together until well blended.

I was looking and looking for a donut tray because I knew I was going to be baking the donuts instead of frying and when I found this crazy cute pink donut machine for $25 I couldn’t resist. So if you have a donut tray this recipe will most likely only make 12 normal sized donuts, with my mini machine it made about 30 mini donuts.

So if you have the donut tray you need to bake them for 8-10mins at 165C. With the donut machine it only took 2mins.

Let the donuts cool on a wire rack and while they’re cooling chop up your bacon into itty bitty bits.

To make the maple glaze whisk all the ingredients together. If the mixture is too thick just add a bit more hot water much not too much or the glaze will be to runny and won’t set.

Once the donuts have cooled, quickly dip half of the donut into the glaze and set back onto the wire rack.

Hopefully you haven’t gone overboard with the icing on your donuts or you’ll have an icing river on your counter which is hells annoying to clean.

Quickly sprinkle bacon bits on top of the donuts before the glaze sets and leave for about 30mins


Bacon! Donut! Maple glaze! It’s calling to you!



  1. OMG!!!! maple glazed donuts and bacon! perfect combination! did you eat all of that suze?

    gastronomous anonymous    Jan 8, 06:57 PM    #

  2. Now I want a donut maker. If only I had somewhere to put it. I live in a flat. My icecream maker is with the tupperware, my sandwich toaster is in the linen press and my crock pot and rice cooker is in the cleaning cupboard.

    — Sonya    Jan 8, 07:26 PM    #

  3. Lol I just got a couple of mini donut trays as gifts. I think they were from Victoria’s Basement. Anyhoo they’re just gathering dust now but ummmm I think your bacon just kicked me up the arse

    Karen | Citrus and Candy    Jan 8, 09:29 PM    #

  4. Too cute! And bacon makes everything better… well, bacon or chocolate. ;)

    Mary @ beyondjelly    Jan 8, 09:38 PM    #

  5. Looks like fun to make. And eat, of course!

    Tina@foodboozeshoes    Jan 8, 10:24 PM    #

  6. OMG, these are so cute! Love that mini doughnut maker, what a great gadget! And delicious flavors…maple and bacon are a match made in heaven! :)

    sara    Jan 9, 12:35 AM    #

  7. They are so cute and a very cool combo. Sad to be missing them, you and jeroxie!

    thesuzchef    Jan 9, 06:50 AM    #

  8. This is truly awesome! Perfect combo of sweet & salty. Thanks Suze!

    Ramen Raff    Jan 9, 07:27 AM    #

  9. Definitely sounds like a you thing, Suze! They do look so cute. Bet they taste even better, hey? :)

    Tina @ bitemeshowme    Jan 9, 07:44 AM    #

  10. wow, too cute! I haven’t tried the maple syrup/bacon combo in a while, but it sounds like it’s time to revisit it =)

    Chris    Jan 9, 08:08 AM    #

  11. For $25.00 that donut machine works really well. I think you’ve got your money’s worth. Great recipe – who doesn’t love donuts, maple syrup and bacon!

    Hotly Spiced    Jan 9, 09:33 AM    #

  12. I am getting me one of those donut machines pronto!! Didn’t realise they existed so your post has literally just put a smile on my face as donuts have cult status in our house :)

    Anna @ the shady pine    Jan 9, 10:23 AM    #

  13. Woah, it’s like all of my favourite things! Donut machine looks a lot less scary than deep frying!!

    Lisa    Jan 9, 11:55 AM    #

  14. Awesome idea! The maple glaze and bacon sounds like the perfect donut flavour combination

    Jacq    Jan 9, 12:13 PM    #

  15. what a treat! that machine is such a good buy if it makes donuts that easily… :D

    Jenny    Jan 9, 12:35 PM    #

  16. Bacon + maple syrup is a classic. Pretty handy machine!

    Gaby    Jan 9, 03:33 PM    #

  17. Omg, what a great combo- very american!
    I think it’s awesome the donut machine is hot pink!
    I think when I’m making these little gems, I will probally line my counter with foil- I’m prone to mess :)

    Flick Your Food    Jan 9, 03:34 PM    #

  18. Will I be seeing these babies at the picnic? ;)

    Vivian - vxdollface    Jan 9, 06:30 PM    #

  19. oh wow. this is brilliant. insane and brilliant. i have two friends who will LOVE this and they’re having a party in the not too distant future – perfect dish to bring along!

    emma    Jan 9, 07:47 PM    #

  20. squee $25 for a cute and pink donut maker! awesome recipe there

    sugarpuffi    Jan 10, 11:55 AM    #

  21. And I say to you, why not? Why not indeed.

    Hannah    Jan 10, 11:58 AM    #

  22. So much dericiousness in every mouthful!

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Jan 10, 01:10 PM    #

  23. Oh I thought it was a pepperoni ingredients. Uhm maybe I should make my own pepperoni topped maple glazed baked donuts. :)

    last minute baker    Jan 10, 05:37 PM    #

  24. OMFG this is too awesome Suze!! I prefer baking my bacon too. Crispy ftw hehe x)

    'chelle    Jan 10, 06:55 PM    #

  25. Love bacon! Certainly will love this bacon donuts. Thanks for sharing this awesome idea (.)

    Lia Chen    Jan 10, 08:32 PM    #

  26. ar! that is your new donut maker. super cute. :)

    penny aka jeroxie    Jan 10, 10:08 PM    #

  27. omg, this is awesome chocolate suze, I try to go without bacon, but at the end of the day, it is the damn tastiest thing on the planet….thanks for posting xo

    — Anna    Jan 10, 11:09 PM    #

  28. i swear this is so freaky – just last week i was thinking i should make some mini pancakes with bits of grilled bacon mixed in the pancake batter then add some maple syrup. My sis thought I was weird. This donut version of yours is awesome! It’s great to know a fellow bacon lover :)

    jack    Jan 11, 12:13 PM    #

  29. OK, so I am on the hunt for some new recipes and I have to say, I have never heard of Bacon Topped Maple Glazed Baked Donuts! Ha, but must say, they look pretty impressive. Thanks for the recipe.

    Sydney Catering    Jan 11, 07:43 PM    #

  30. Wow! This sounds so good! Definitely an interesting combination! Must try it. Just need me a donut machine. Great price I must say.

    Dressed and Eaten    Jan 11, 08:03 PM    #

  31. Donuts in 2 minutes – DONUTS IN 2 MINTUES??!! You could make pancake donuts and chocolate donuts and cinnamon donuts all in the commercial breaks. 2 minutes!! Witchcraft.

    JJ @ 84thand3rd    Jan 11, 10:52 PM    #

  32. Suzy, yr donuts looks amazing. looks yum. u really got a gift for baking . let me know if u need help in clearing the extras bits.. lol

    Makan 1976    Jan 12, 04:28 PM    #

  33. Yum! What twisted stroke of genius thought this up? Lol, it looks amazing :)

    JasmyneTea    Jan 13, 12:44 PM    #

  34. I dont think i’ve ever had a bacon topped donut. WHY NOT? WHERE HAVE I BEEN? obviously not anywhere fun. what a coooool idea!

    catty    Jan 13, 04:24 PM    #

  35. I do love doughnuts and bacon mmmmmm.. What a perfect combination. Have you tried good ol American Bacon?? Suze its the Bomb Diggity. So thin and crispy. It would be perfect with these babies. Delicious.

    Katherine    Jan 13, 11:09 PM    #

  36. love your cute little donut machine! thought u will be brining some of those to the picnic,for sure it will be a big hit!!

    Wendy @ Obesebaby    Jan 17, 12:12 AM    #

  37. Those look so good!

    I was just thinking about making doughnuts yesterday after watching a few too many doughnut related youtube videos.

    I think I’m going to have to steal my Mum’s mini doughnut maker tomorrow…

    Juji    Jan 27, 11:47 AM    #

  38. I love maple bacon donuts. So glad to see they can easily be made at home!

    Laura Dembowski    Feb 1, 08:07 AM    #

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