Sydney Food Bloggers' Picnic 2012

15 January 2012, 17:02

Red solo cup! You are my friend! Ah c’mon noone else watches Glee? Lols on Saturday Helen and I threw our annual food bloggers meetup at Centennial Park and there was a whopping 70 bloggers in attendance. The weather luckily held up and it was freaking awesome to finally put some faces to blogs with our last meetup posts here and here.

Of course it wouldn’t be a food bloggers meetup without crazy amounts of food! Paella, cupcakes, danish, donuts, pinwheels, cajun popcorn, muffins, quiche, cookies, jellies, breads, cheeses, baguettes, brownies and tarts aplenty!

Alright stop, hammer time. Uh I mean photo time!

The delicious smell of burning sugar filled the air thanks to Chris & Tim’s toasted marshmallows.

Simon’s pop up bar was a smash hit with g&t’s and ‘punch’

Rita, me, Josh & Sara, Starloz, Simon, Gianna

Too much sugar wheeee! Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah!

Ello boys! JB and Raff

Cheers yo!

Woohoo our powers combined! (Photo from Simon)

Blogger roundup:
Alex & Sam Annie | April | Ayana | Bernard | Betty | Cathy | Chanel | Chris & Tim | Christine | Dee | Felicity | Gaby | Gianna & Demos | Helen | Helen & Yvonne | Henry | Jack | Jacq | JB | JJ | Joseph & Paul | Karen | Karen | Katie | Kimberley | Laura | Lauren | Lay | Lex | Lola | Lucy | Mary | Maryanne | Mel | Melanie | Michelle | Minh | Muppy | Nic | Penny | Phuoc | Raff | Rhonda | Richard | Richard | Rita | Sara & Josh | Shanshan | Shez | Shierly | Simon | Simon | Sophie | Suze | Suzi | Swah | Tania | Tee | Thanh | Tina | Tina | Vivian | Wendy

Thanks heaps everyone for coming and bringing awesome foods! Add your link below if you’ve posted about the meetup by clicking the blue ‘Add your link’ button:



  1. Did somebody bring an entire paella?! That’s so impressive for a picnic effort.

    Alana @ alanabread    Jan 15, 05:17 PM    #

  2. So wish I could have made it.. Looks like you had a fab time. I got stuck viewing houses as have to move in next 4 weeks.. Hope to make it next year or before if there is another one.

    Gary McCourt    Jan 15, 06:41 PM    #

  3. Thanks Suze & Helen for organising the awesome picnic! Food was amazing! Wiggle wiggle wiggle all the way!!! LMFAO

    Ramen Raff    Jan 15, 07:45 PM    #

  4. thanks again Suze and Helen for organising an awesome picnic! great to meet everyone and sooo much delicious food!

    gastronomous anonymous    Jan 15, 08:06 PM    #

  5. glad you enjoyed the cocktails. I wonder what I’ll be making at the next event? :-)

    Simon Food Favourites    Jan 15, 08:56 PM    #

  6. Thanks to you and Helen for once again organising a fantastic blogger get together. So happy that the rain held out.

    Sara @ Bellly Rumbles    Jan 15, 09:28 PM    #

  7. Thanks for organising the picnic Suze and it was lovely to meet you :) I had a great time!

    Swah @    Jan 15, 09:47 PM    #

  8. Much fun! It was great to meet so many new faces and the spread was spectacular as always! Thanks everyone for coming and making it such a success :)

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Jan 15, 09:59 PM    #

  9. Thank you Suze and Helen for organising such a lovely picnic! Thoroughly enjoyed all the lovely food and meeting fellow bloggers :)

    Lola    Jan 15, 10:03 PM    #

  10. Twas a very filling picnic! Thanks again for organising =)

    Food is our religion    Jan 15, 10:03 PM    #

  11. wow that looks like a superb party! too bad that i couldn’t make it this time, just got back from my holiday today. anyways happy new year everyone!

    Melissa    Jan 15, 10:03 PM    #

  12. So bummed I missed out this year cos of stupid fail tennis match :( I want paella! Looks like you guys had awesome times, will have to make sure I’m there next time :D

    Steph    Jan 15, 10:17 PM    #

  13. So much delicious food! Thanks for organising Suze & Helen! :)

    Karen missklicious    Jan 15, 10:32 PM    #

  14. That all looks so amazing! Wish I was there!

    Brenda    Jan 15, 10:34 PM    #

  15. Thanks for organising Suze! I’m still full =_=;;

    Chris    Jan 15, 11:00 PM    #

  16. Thank you and Helen so much for organising! I was too star-struck to say anything but a quick hello on the day xD It was so awesome seeing the people behind the blogs I’ve followed and admired for such a long time!

    Lucy    Jan 15, 11:19 PM    #

  17. Thanks for organising Suze! It was a great day as always!

    Jacq    Jan 15, 11:31 PM    #

  18. Thanks for the invite Suze! Sorry I couldn’t make it … looks like it was a fun day (not to mention the yummy food)! Hope I can make it next year :)

    Jennifer Reid    Jan 16, 07:40 AM    #

  19. Thanks so much for organising suze.. and you too GRABYOURFORK ie HELEN! It’s so awesome that everyone is brought together by food. Haha sounds so crazy but it’s so normal!

    Tina @ bitemeshowme    Jan 16, 09:05 AM    #

  20. Who you callin’ a tart?! :P Thanks for organising dude, fun day out.

    Tina@foodboozeshoes    Jan 16, 09:30 AM    #

  21. Looks like a fun event. Wish I could have been there to meet some other bloggers. Next time!

    Detective Chow    Jan 16, 10:11 AM    #

  22. How good is Vodka in a box – who knew such a thing existed. Thanks again for organising – we’d be lost without you & Helen to round us all up once a year.

    Miss Piggy    Jan 16, 10:12 AM    #

  23. It was really lovely to meet so many people, so thanks for organising Suze and Helen :)

    Dumpling Girl    Jan 16, 10:14 AM    #

  24. Thanks for organising the picnic , was a great day :) . Really good to meet so many bloggers!

    Joseph    Jan 16, 10:43 AM    #

  25. Hi Suze, thanks so much for organising the event. I’m so sorry that after replying ‘yes’ that I would be there, I was unable to make it. I had to do an emergency dash to Palm Beach and it was pouring up there so I was sure the event would be cancelled. But then I also had people coming for dinner and I wasn’t the slightest bit organised so felt I needed to do shopping etc. Well…turns out I could have made it because our guests were returning from QLD and their plane was delayed making them 90 minutes late – and there’s the 90 minutes I could have spent with all of you! Next time!!!

    Hotly Spiced    Jan 16, 11:08 AM    #

  26. I had a blast & it was delightful to meet everyone. thanks for organising & for the books.

    Laura    Jan 16, 11:34 AM    #

  27. Thanks again for organising, you even made the rain hold off until we were done! :)

    Gaby    Jan 16, 11:49 AM    #

  28. Haha, so much food and wiggling haha!

    Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse)    Jan 16, 12:13 PM    #

  29. Thanks so much Suze & Helen for organising it! I had a great time, I only wish I could have stayed longer (and I missed the group photo too. Damn).

    Chanel    Jan 16, 01:34 PM    #

  30. I want to go to there! Ah well, at least Helen ate a Reese’s cupcake for me.

    Hannah    Jan 16, 03:08 PM    #

  31. BUMMMMMMMMED i missed out :( looked like ENORMO amounts of fun! 12 months til the next one????

    catty    Jan 16, 03:40 PM    #

  32. Thanks for organising x
    So glad it didn’t rain on us! Hehe the final bird feud was a memorable & scary highlight

    Vivian - vxdollface    Jan 16, 03:52 PM    #

  33. Thanks again for organising! Great to finally put faces to twitter handles ;) and discover some new nommmmmy blogs!

    JJ @ 84thand3rd    Jan 16, 04:57 PM    #

  34. Fun times as always. Thanks for co-organising this year’s picnic with Helen.

    Love the fairy bread smiles :)

    Simon @ the heart of food    Jan 16, 05:13 PM    #

  35. So sad I couldn’t make this!! :( looked like so much fun and the food looks awesome. Hope to make it to the next one you guys organize. xx

    Kerin    Jan 16, 05:30 PM    #

  36. As always, massive thanks to you and Helen, our picnic hostess extraordinaires! Curse my stomach for not allowing me to sample every morsel on the day. Curse my shy awkwardness for not properly meeting everybody.

    And curse the person who brought those maple buttercream donuts (which I’m still craving for).

    Karen | Citrus and Candy    Jan 16, 05:58 PM    #

  37. Hey Suze!

    Thanks for organising. Yvonne told me great things about the meet up. Shame I couldn’t make it since I’m still in Europe but I will definitely attend the next event. Can’t wait to meet you! Yvonne said you’re absolutely sweet and awesome :)


    DK @ Excuse Me Waiter    Jan 16, 07:58 PM    #

  38. Thanks to you and Helen for organising! It was great to come along, meet some fellow bloggers and hang out.

    Richard Elliot    Jan 16, 09:08 PM    #

  39. Thanks Suze & Helen for organising this awesome meet up with the bloggers! It is my first time meeting up with so many like minded bloggers and I cannot wait to catch up soon for another round of awesome food, fun and laughter. Cheerios

    Bernard of Makan1976    Jan 16, 09:45 PM    #

  40. wheeeeeeeee!! awesome picnic and thanks for organising :D

    sugarpuffi    Jan 16, 10:51 PM    #

  41. Looks like everyone had a blast over in the picnic! Wish I could’ve made it, but was on a jetplane back to Oz by then. T__T; the spread of food looks epic!

    Sophie    Jan 17, 03:20 AM    #

  42. Thanks to you and Helen for organising this event. I was a bit nervous about attending initially. It turned out to be fun. Didnt manage to meet everyone though, so if there’s a makan session coming up, I’d be sure to join. Food is what brings all of us together!

    Lay    Jan 18, 07:39 PM    #

  43. Wow!!! This looks like a fantastic event! I never knew there were soooooo many Sydney bloggers hehe it’s so nice to put some faces to the blogs ~

    Hope you guys have another event soon!

    Daisy@Nevertoosweet    Jan 20, 05:32 AM    #

  44. abit late but thanks for organising, i was quite late but still got to sample some awesome food, drink some awesome drinks and meet some awesome people!

    henry    Jan 20, 10:32 AM    #

  45. thanks for organising such a great day Suze. I actually felt really ill on the day so was very quiet and couldn’t eat much wah…….

    muppy    Jan 25, 03:17 PM    #

  46. Ah this looks so fun! Was browsing your blog (as I often do) and noticed Like Life under Aussie Food blogs and I feel so honoured to have been included! Wonderful blog (love that you’re trying my local places as well). Hopefully I can make it to one of these gatherings in the future!

    Madeleine    Feb 6, 10:26 PM    #

  47. I have already thanked you on twitter but once again thanks for organising the super awesome picnic! It was great meeting everyone :)

    Annie    Feb 18, 07:07 PM    #

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