Assembly Bar, Sydney

  25 January 2012

Assembly Bar (488 Kent St, Sydney), aka the bar that is under the special place that is the KFC on George St has been on my radar for a while now. Always on the lookout for easygoing joints to chillax with awesome friends, Assembly Bar is the offspring of Pocket Bar and is conveniently located away from the bars that the suits frequent towards the Wynyard end.

Slip back into the armchairs and order a few rounds of drinks for the crew- there’s quite a selection of delicious cocktails available as well as wines and beers.

I can’t help but order the Assembly Fries after spying a bowl floating past me. The fries are golden and perfect, quite possibly the best fries I’ve eaten in a while but hot damn the $13 price tag has me weeping. The pot of truffle cheese sauce is gooey and the fries are dunked into the sauce with relish. That is, until the sauce gets cold and becomes congealed naww.

“The Sticky Ribs ($18) is a must order,” whispers the bartender. And it is DEEEEELICIOUS. The gorgeously tender meat is served off the bone with a sticky sweet sauce and yes there is broccolini there but uh it is mostly ignored in favour of the protein.

The Calamari Fritti ($10) looked a lil soulless and tasted like they needed to be bathed longer in the fiery depths of oil. Sads. Moving on.

Keen-wah Salad ($10) has me loling as once upon a time I used to pronounce quinoa totally not like how it’s meant to be… At first I had absolutely no intention of going anywhere near the salad but for research purposes I gave it a go. The first bite had me swooning as I had found cashews (my all time favourite nut) though with each subsequent bite I managed to not get cashews and Helen snuck the bowl back away from me.

The Pork Belly Slider ($12) is pretty big to be called a slider and without the expected hamburger buns it is pretty much just a sandwich albeit a tasty sandwich. It’s stuffed full of juicy pork innards as well as shards of crackle and the spicy sofrito packs a wallop of heat for this non spicy eater.

Provolone Peppers Croquettes ($10) are glorious, the deep fried balls just ooze with stretchy cheese and are studded with nubbins of red peppers. They don’t even really need a dunking in the spicy tomato sauce but maybe that’s because I prefer my balls of cheese to be unadulterated. Heh balls. Sorry couldn’t help it.

The Pork and Truffle Hotdog ($9) divides the group, I’m not a big fan of the bread as I find it a lil crunchy but the others prefer it as it holds the sauce without disintegrating into mush. The actual sausage is tasty, perfectly seasoned and I loved the novelty of the potato shoestring fries on top.

Oh wow could this photo be blurry enough? Haha I had to put this in tho cos lol I am a lego nut. And I’m sneaking in an early happy Australia Day dudes! Hope you chuck a prawn on the barbie!

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